Patience is a VirTue

Mets Twitter has started to get a little impatient with Steve Cohen and the Mets. Fans have been tweeting at him relentlessly. Things such as, “I’m willing to bet the Mets do not make anymore signings.. “

“What exactly are we doing? Is James McCann really going to be our biggest pickup this offseason? Please say no.”

“There is no reason we should be out on Sugano.”

Fans think just because we now have an owner with billions that he should just offer stupid money early on to meet the demands of these big free agents to sign them now. It has been a brutally slow off season for free agents and trade targets. There is no reason for fans to get on ownership this early in the game. Yes I wanted Sugano to be a Met. Just because we are out on him (a player I have never even seen pitch) I am not going to get on ownership about it.

Has George Springer signed yet? No!

Has Trevor Bauer signed yet? No!

Has DJ Lemahieu signed yet? No!

Has Liam Hendriks signed yet? No!

Has Brad Hand signed yet? No!

Has Lindor, Arenado, Castillo, Baez, Bryant, or Gray been traded yet? NO!

If the chips start to fall and the big guys start signing elsewhere and we are left with none of them, then maybe we can start to get frustrated. In years past all we would hear is that the Mets are kicking tires on the bottom of the barrel free agents. Now we are legit in the conversation with almost every big free agent available.

I have 100% confidence in our new hierarchy of Steve Cohen, Sandy Alderson, Jared Porter, and Zack Scott to get the job done. I fully trust their process to build a contender.

What everyone is forgetting is that we did already sign one of the best free agent relievers available in Trevor May early on and the second best catcher available James McCann! For those of you stressing out and giving yourself lower back pain maybe check out Trevor May’s Twitter page. He just posted a video of how to relieve that back pain with two simple stretches. Then sit back, relax, have a little patience, and let our new hierarchy build a contender!

Photo from The NY Post

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