Mets have shown interest in JBJ.

The Mets have shown interest in Jackie Bradley jr. The former Red Sox is coming off a great year and with the Mets adding Lindor/Carrasco, it could lead the Mets to JBJ instead of Springer.

Both Del Alba and Gem Tablak have mentioned the possibility of adding Jackie Bradley jr over Springer. Main reason for them? His elite defense in CF.

Baseball Savant

As you can see, he is one of the best defensive centerfielders in the game. His OAA in 2020 was in the 99th percentile, meaning he is one of the best defensive player in the game.

With the bat he is fairly light. In 2020 he had his first year since 2016 in which he had an OPS above .800 (.813). He hit well in 2020 but to me I don’t see it being substantial.

Baseball Savant

Getting JBJ would be a major improvement defensively and wouldn’t cost as much as Springer. He is expected to sign a one year deal worth around 10 mil. The Mets are now 28 mil away from the luxury tax, so JBJ seems more likely.

Photo by: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

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