Lindor Press Conference

Here are some quotes from what Francisco Lindor told reporters on his Monday presser:

“I’m blessed to be playing the best game in the biggest city in the world.”

“Talked to all the coaches and heard that it’s a great clubhouse”

“To all those fans out there, I live life day by day. I’m extremely excited about what’s happening right now, but I haven’t really sat down to talk to anybody.”

“never been against signing long-term.”

“They say smiles are very contagious. I’m going to bring Francisco Lindor and hopefully, that is good enough for the fans…If I get to play the greatest game in the world, why not smile?

“I still can’t watch the World Series of 2016. It hurts. It hurts, losing. I want to win. The day I win is the day I start watching all my loses”

“I’m Francisco Lindor, I’m going to do me, and hopefully people like that. …I feel like I’m a little kid playing the best game out there, so why not enjoy it?”

Francisco Lindor has talked with Marcus Stroman, Pete Alonso, Michael Conforto, James McCann. He’s known Tomás Nido since the two played together growing up.

“It’s not so much necessarily about the past and the championships the Yankees have won in the past, it’s about the present,” Francisco Lindor.

“Obviously everyone wants to be the number one team in New York, but we want to be the number one team in the country.”

“I just want to be a little piece of that puzzle. “Ima smile, Ima have fun, Ima enjoy this ride, brother.”

“That’s the only way we’re going to stop this whole thing is by caring about others, not just ourselves.”-Francisco Lindor on COVID-19

“Hopefully we’ll be able to come to an agreement. If the numbers work out, hopefully we can get a long-term deal done.”

Photo by: Cut4 Twitter

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