Cost of Luxury: The Tax & Reasoning.

So, the Mets have about 24 million dollars or so left to spend this year before reaching the Luxury Tax threshold and it’s already known that Cohen doesn’t want to go over it (at least for this year). This is something I’ve said since day one, that the Mets wouldn’t go over the luxury tax and stupid pay for players. With that being said, I doubt the Mets go after George Springer now and I think they go the route of Jackie Bradley Jr or at least Kevin Pillar on short term team friendly deals. As for the Bullpen, I think they go after Brad Hand and again, team friendly deal.

Call it being cheap or thinking like the Wilpons all you want, but the reality is that Cohen has said that he won’t spend like a Drunken Sailor and signing Springer to what he wants, as well as let’s say signing Bauer (who wants more than Gerrit Cole money) or LeMahieu (who wants 5 years 100 Million Dollars) would destroy the Mets chances in signing Lindor, Conforto, Syndergaard and Stroman long term.

Keep in mind that the Mets still have Cano’s contract starting next season if they don’t trade it away or buy it out somehow. This is why the Mets aren’t going after every high priced Free Agent out there. It wouldn’t make sense to sign everyone when now you have 4 key Free Agents whose contracts will expire come seasons end (unless signed prior to the season starting or in-season).

Remember, Cohen didn’t get to where he is by making stupid decisions and spending like an idiot. These signings are strategic. Why do you think the Mets went without signing JT Realmuto and instead signed the cheaper James McCann? One of two reasons:

A. McCann is loved by every pitcher he’s caught.

B. (and the most important). Realmuto didn’t want to sign immediately and he wanted to wait.

If the Mets had waited to sign Realmuto, they would’ve missed out on a cheaper alternative who costs less and is great with pitchers. Sure, McCann is 31 and signed a 4 year deal worth 10 million a year, but in the end, it’s a better option than paying Realmuto the 33 Million a year he wants for 6 years. Btw, he wants a historic deal, just saying.

Sign Lindor long term, then worry about Cano’s contract and how to get rid of it, that pave the way to sign Conforto long term and if Cohen wants to go over the luxury tax in 2022, so be it. That’ll give him all the room he wants to sign Syndergaard and Stroman long term if he decides to go that route.

Remember, the goal is to spend high, but spend smart and if that means the Mets have to get some “Meat and Potatoes” before shopping in the gourmet section, so be it. Sandy said it best at a press conference “We want to win the season, not win the off-season” smart words from a smart man.

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One thought on “Cost of Luxury: The Tax & Reasoning.

  1. You are 100% correct about SC not spending stupidly and your comparison of JT to McCann is a good example. I would add that McCann is $10 million and JT wants more than double that, so McCann would have to fall on his face to not be a better value than JT in this instance (because the Mets dont have to depend on offense at catcher).

    I would also say this. I dont think the LTL matters. SC doesnt do things to make his competition like him, in fact his reputation is the opposite. He does whats right for him to win. Watch what he says and how he says it. Hes never about bravado or arrogence, he gives you the politically correct answer and then hedges leaving the door open. If you say, “we dont care” youd get killed by the press, so he just says the opposite and he’ll do what he needs to when the time comes. Smart guy.


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