MetsJunkies Predictions: J.D. Davis

After we made our predictions for McCann, Alonso and McNeil, we are moving on to our current third baseman: J.D. Davis.

Corne Hogeveen:

J.D. Davis is an interesting case if you predict offense. We all know J.D. isn’t a good defender and his offense needs to be great to justify his poor defense. Is it expected for him to be close to his 2019 offensive performance? His hard hit rates in 2020, were still pretty good to expect solid offensive numbers.

.288/.357/.485 with 24 homeruns and 80 RBI’s

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Del Alba

JD Davis has the upside of being one of the top hitters in baseball if his defense at 3B or LF didn’t stink. The best spot for Davis is probably 1B or DH but the Mets have a log jam at the first with Dominic Smith and Pete Alonso there. By placing Davis at 3B, the Mets hope that his bat can make up for the lack of defense because he’s got a monster swing and a pretty good OBP to compliment his hard hit statcast numbers.

.280/.370/.490 with 25 HR 90 RBI

Gem Tablak

Like Corné states, this is an interesting case. The projections going around on the popular sites are indicating that Davis plays a full season with a minimum of 494 at-bats, so let’s stick with that important number.

I see Davis hitting .276/.351/.488 with 21 Home Runs to go alongside 84 RBI’s.


Photo by: Randy Litzinger via Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

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