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Is the Mets rotation set with deGrom, Carrasco, Stroman, Peterson and Matz? Are you one of the fans who thinks Matz need to earn his spot in Spring Training? The Mets need to decide before March 17th whether to keep Matz or move on. That way the Mets only have to pay little more than $5K instead of $5M. One arm that could battle Matz is 40 year old Rich Hill.

Rich Hill is an odd case. When healthy he has been very good in preventing runs, while not having velocity, plus high expected slash line in 2020. However, before 2020 his expected slash lines were mostly terrific, which showed in his run prevention. In 2020, Hill pitched to a 3.03 ERA in 38.2 innings as he made 8 starts for the Minnesota Twins. A very solid year, when on the mound.

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In 2019, he also had a fairly small sample size pitching in just 58.2 innings. He only made 12 starts that season, but was splendid again when he was on the mound. He pitched to a 2.45 ERA and 1.13 WHIP over that span, striking out 72. His K% was very good, something that lacked in 2020.

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His last somewhat full season was in 2018 when he pitched 132.2 innings. In that year, he pitched to a solid 3.66 ERA over 25 starts. His WHIP was still solid at 1.12 and he struck out more than 1 per inning. Another season in which he’s shown he’s able to prevent runs and baserunners. Something he has done over the last 5 years, since returning to the majors.

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Would Rich Hill require a Major League Deal? Maybe, but in this environment where a lot of teams aren’t spending, he might fall to a MiLB deal? However, even a MLB deal could work for the Mets. There is obvious risk involving the 40 year old lefty as he isn’t expected to give you 30 plus starts. I think the Mets would fit as he can be somewhat of a stopgap until the return of Noah Syndergaard. He could also move Peterson to AAA when healthy, as Peterson would provide much needed depth. This way when Hill does miss time, you have Peterson waiting.

When healthy, Hill is a master in preventing runs. He won’t wow you with his stuff but he is a smart arm, who is a true competitor and has found a way to be successful with limited velo. Those type of pitchers age well and that’s exactly what Hill has done. Over his last 5 seasons his highest ERA was 3.66 in 2018, which is still pretty solid.

Would you take a risk on the 40 year old lefty?

Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

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