Digging Deep: Love for Lucchesi

The Mets traded for Joey Lucchesi, giving up their number 14 prospect Endy Rodriguez to the Pirates (three team trade). The Mets added much needed depth for their rotation as Lucchesi still has two options left and is under control until 2024.

Lucchesi pitched just 5.2 innings in 2020 and was horrendous. Obviously 5.2 innings is an extremely small sample size, so it’s worth digging into his years prior.

In 2018 and 2019, Lucchesi pitched to a combined 4.14 ERA with a 1.25WHIP. Over 293.2 innings pitched, he struck out 303 batters. In 2019, he was above average in most major statcast numbers, besides Fastball velo and Spin, which on sinkers is common. So an above average arm is what we can expect.

Lucchesi’s main pitches are his sinker, cutter and change-up. However, I think the change is more seen as a curve ball, but registered by Baseball Savant as a change-up in 2019. I could be wrong but still let’s take a look at that pitch success.

The expected slash line against the Change/Curve in 2019 was .203/.268/.369, which is very good. His sinker success wasn’t as bad as well, having an expected slash line of: .303/.366/.395. Yes he allows hits on that pitch but not much power.

Lucchesi is also another arm that induces ground balls. His GB% on batted balls was 48.7% in 2019, above league average. He is another arm that will benefit from having Lindor man down short behind him. Keeping the Mets strong in the infield is now more and more important for this staff.

Overall, Lucchesi’s numbers doesn’t wow you but the cost in return, plus him having MiLB options provides flexibility. Lucchesi should battle with Matz, Peterson and others for a spot in the rotation but even without making it, he is better depth than we had in Oswalt, Lockett, Jurado etc.

Photo by: Dennis Poroy/Getty Images

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