Poll: The Outfield Conundrum

Earlier on in the week, I had created a poll on Twitter and here it is:

@MetsJunkies on Twitter

So assuming that the D.H. will not be apart of the National League and that the Mets acquire a natural centerfielder, what should the front office do with the abundance of corners.

Whether it be George Springer or Jackie Bradley, either acquisition will cause Nimmo to be bumped from center. The Mets have the option to put him and his amazing OBP in left field while providing better defense.

This move would bump Dom Smith to the bench. With Smith’s popularity spreading like a wildfire, it’s no surprise that only 4% would opt to trade Dom.

If the Mets decide to use Smith in left, this will push Nimmo to the bench and that would probably make him one of the best fourth outfielders in the game. And while Corné would choose to trade Nimmo as he stated on The Mets Junkies Podcast, 24% of the voters agree with him.

I was surprised to see that a whopping 72% would actually hold onto both players. This would entail some creative in-game lineup and defensive changes, but with the D.H. potentially coming back to being universal in 2022, this would make them extremely stacked.

Thank you to the 344 voters that participated on Twitter and don’t forget to follow us. We look forward to you taking part in the current poll on Joey Lucchesi as well as many more in the future.

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