No Hand? No Springer? No Problem!

There are a lot of Mets fans that are feeling bummed out because the Mets were not able to sign either of the free agents target of CF George Springer or LHP Brad Hand. Despite all of the other moves that the Mets have done this offseason to improve the team, missing out on those two guys makes the offseason feel like a failure to these fans. When the news broke out that the Nationals signed Hand to a 1 year deal worth $10.5 mil, hearts were broken and some faith was lost in the Mets organization. It was reported that the Mets did try to get Hand and their lack of ability to acquiring him is not due to the Mets failure, but that the Mets could not guarantee Brad Hand a closer role. In DC, Hand looks like clear lock for the closer role, so the decision is a no brainer for him. It is no use to cry over spilt milk, there are plenty of other options that they can explore to fill in the teams needs.

One idea that I’ve been playing around with is that the Mets can trade for CF Lorenzo Cain and LHP Josh Hader from the Brewers by trading 3B/LF JD Davis and RHP Jeurys Familia.

Cain (right handed hitter) maybe an older player, but he still has some wheels and can get those outs at CF while being a productive bat. In 2019 he ranked in the 99th percentile in Outs Above Average and 80ths in Outfielder Jump. He did so with putting up some impressive numbers with his bat for a CF. He ranked 90th in expected batting average, 68th in Hard hit percentage, 75th in K% and 71st in Sprint Speed. Not bad for a 34 year old! He also puts the ball all over the field as evident in his 2019 spray chart.

Josh Hader is a guy that I have been dreaming about the Mets adding to their roster. Maybe it’s the hair or maybe it is the fact that he’s one of the games most dominant relief pitchers. Adding him to the mix to go along with Diaz and May, and the Mets will have a meanest back-end bullpen that would dominate all of the MLB stats! By now you’re probably tired of hearing me on the Metsjunkies podcast talking about Hader, but I will just drop his 2020 Baseball Savant percentiles.

If JD played in Milwaukee, watch out NLC. He would be one mean HR hitting machine. I would expect him to take over Daniel Vogelbach starting role at 1B while serving as a depth piece for Luis Urias at 3B and LF for Yelich if necessary. In terms of contract commitment for the players involved, it is as follows:

MIL Lorenzo Cain has 2 years left and $ 35 mil left on his contract.

NYM Jeurys Familia has 1 year left and $11 mil left on his contract.

MIL Josh Hader is under team control for 3 more seasons.

NYM JD Davis is under team control for 4 more seasons.

So in a nut shell, the contract obligations would work out pretty evenly for both clubs.

The move would also allow the Mets to start Brandon Nimmo in more games at LF where he isn’t too bad defensively. If the DH does make its way to the NL (which the MLBPA and Owners are currently negotiating) this move would allow Alonso to DH, Smith at 1B, Nimmo at LF, Cain at CF, and Guillorme at 3B… which got the making for a great defensive and offensive lineup. The Brewers would likely slip Rookie of the Year winner RHP Devin Williams into the closer role with Hader gone.

(Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB via Getty Images)

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