Stars are aligning for Bauer/Mets Marriage

By Jeremy M

The romance began shortly after Sandy Anderson’s opening press conference as the new President of the new and improved New York Mets (Steve Cohen’s Mets).

In his very first radio interview with the (also) brand new WFAN drive time tag team of Craig Carton and Evan Roberts, the historically reticent baseball executive, Alderson, gushed about Bauer, catching so many Mets fans in almost a state of disbelief.

“I actually think Bauer would be a great personality in New York. The kind of guy that fans would endorse. We’re in the entertainment business.” Alderson explained.

Trevor Bauer, MLB’s reigning Cy Young winner and social media bad boy, might be courted by the Mets? The same Mets that had reasoned away not pursuing Alex Rodriguez in 2000, as it being unfair to other players (24 and 1 couldn’t work they said), this organization was now throwing out pick-up lines into the social media universe for today’s premiere primadonna…Bauer…can this be true?

But like all high profile figures, its one thing to flirt, it’s another thing to back that up with a hard commitment. Stars need more than a swipe right. So were the Mets for real? Maybe?

While Alderson and his lieutenants might have preferred a more traditional union with the non-controversial George Springer (a trusted source told me they were not able to make a final offer), Bauer has continued to be on their radar as a potential match.

So as we close in on spring training and the number of seats at the free agent table left available to tantalizingly talented Bauer are dwindling, the Mets are still there, with bright orange and blue flowers and a bag of Steve Cohen’s cash, and no one else seems to be bidding.

It seems almost fate-and a matter of time- before these two parties complete their nuptials and say I do.

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