Mets Have Done a Terrific Job Adding Depth

With the trade for young right hander Jordan Yamamoto, the Mets have added even more depth to their high level pitching staff. Upper level depth was a clear need for the Mets especially on the pitching front. With all these moves, the Mets were able to position well if they need some fresh arms, or have injuries in their pitching staff. The Mets 40 man roster has added a ton of talent and solid arms, making call ups a lot more easier.

Right now the starting rotation stands with deGrom, Carrasco, Stroman, Peterson and Lucchesi. However, it is believed that the Mets will add another starter from the market to fill Lucchesi’s spot. Lucchesi can be a swing man or he can be placed in AAA, so the Mets have options with him.

Besides Lucchesi, the Mets now have a very strong depth waiting in AAA. The additions of Yamamoto, McWilliams, Sean Reid-Foley, Eickhoff, Diaz, Tarpley, Blevins, De La Cruz and Winckowski helps the starting pitching depth and bullpen depth.

If you include the Mets depth before the offseason starts, you have a very strong list to pick from waiting to get their call.


What a difference an offseason could make with all the added depth in the organization. Kudos to the front office for restocking a very big need.

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