Mets Show Interest in Rich Hill

According to Rob Bradford the Mets, Brewers and Rays have shown “significant” interest in the 40 year old lefty Rich Hill.

Hill has been a very consistent arm when healthy, even at his age. The lefty has pitched to a 3.25 ERA over the last three seasons, with a 1.13 WHIP and a 9.9 K/9 rate. His 124 ERA+ is above average, showing he is still a very solid pitcher.

Hill has some injury issues, but with the Mets added depth at the position, a signing of Rich Hill is more logical than earlier this offseason. The interest shouldn’t mean the Mets are out on Bauer, but logical that the Mets also look at other ways to spend.

Earlier this offseason I wrote an article about Rich Hill explaining more in-depth about why he could be a solid pick up.

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