Bauer Announcement was Fun

Bauer announced his new team on Friday in a different way. Just before his YouTube announcement, he shared a couple of giveaways on his website. First a signed Mets cap, then a signed Dodgers cap, and finally a signed Angels cap. He also shared some Mets designed shirts by Athlete Logos, which unfortunately won’t be up for sale.

It was followed by a very well made clip on YouTube that ended with Bauer in a Dodgers uniform. It was then that it was announced that he will be a Dodger.

While loads of fans are mad about the way Bauer handled it but I think it was a great thing. Baseball off-seasons tend to be boring and a long stretched process. Writers and rumors make the discussion possible for who you to hope your team gets a player. We at Mets Junkies would write articles about targets for the Mets to sign in order to get some discussions going, but what do we know about the plans in the front offices? It’s all speculation!

The Bauer announcement had me hooked on my phone for a full day. The anxiety of his decisions killed me, but it is an emotion that makes the sport so great. For me this was like a tight and important game feeling in the middle of the off-season. How does this come to an end? Where does Bauer sign?

As I was scrolling through my twitter feed, I saw the Mets cap giveaway. I thought that the Mets took an early lead. We are going to get him! The Dodgers then tied the game later with a cap giveaway of it’s own. Me and my girlfriend chuckled and smiled about how Bauer and his crew is doing this. Eventually, the Dodgers walked it off with the video announcement of him signing with the Dodgers. How cool was that video by Taiki Green? It was stunning!

It was fun, different and exciting all at the same time. Players were into it. It was simply a great way to announce one of the biggest free agents of the year.

Kudos to Bauer, Momentum, Rachel Luba and Taiki Green among all the others for how they announced it. I had a blast and got into baseball fever with less than two weeks to pitchers and catchers. Can’t wait to watch the vlogs and him giving fans an inside look.

Congrats to Bauer and Rachel Luba on a great deal! Now time for the Mets to beat him up in the playoffs!

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