Will the Mets switch it up for Lindor?

It seems as if New York Mets manager Luis Rojas wants to find the perfect spot in the lineup for the newly acquired superstar Francisco Lindor. It’s possible that both sides have found that spot for Lindor and it’s looking like it’s in the number two hole.

Now I think it’s important to remember here that Lindor has spent a lot of time either leading off, or batting in the three-spot. So this is more of a rare occurrence for Francisco.

With Brandon Nimmo having an incredible spring, the Mets may want to lead off with the extremely well disciplined outfielder. Especially since Lindor is an MVP caliber player that has the potential to hit 30+ home runs during this upcoming season.

Nimmo won’t steal a ton of bags while leading off but it’s also becoming less likely that Lindor can keep up with his previous stolen bases numbers. So the plus here is that Nimmo is top five in the league in OBP and Lindor has the great ability to split outfielders and even clear the fence.

But what do the Mets do when the ops throw a left-handed pitcher on the bump? Pillar should be able to handle the lead off spot, at least on a short term basis but it would be great to see Nimmo succeed against lefties as well.

The Mets can even push Lindor up to the lead off spot, however doing so, the team will lose an important switch hitter in the two-hole.

If the team can find a steady lead-off batter without having to go to Lindor, the Mets will put themselves in a great position. It’s incredibly tough when you put your superstar player like Lindor, who’s also a shortstop, in the lead-off spots.

It’s not like the two-whole is so much easier, but leading off a game is a compartmentalized to getting on base. That’s what Nimmo specializes in, and he’s not yet a $20M player that should have more responsibilities.

The luxury here is that if it doesn’t work with Nimmo, the Mets could then potentially experiment with the likes of McNeil, possibly Jonathan Villar, or worst case scenario just go to Lindor.

This is all good news, the Mets don’t have to rely on one lead-off player just yet. There are a few interchangeable parts within this lineup and you know what, that kind of reminds me of 1986.

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