Here’s what the Mets offered Lindor

Recently we found out that Steve Cohen and Francisco Lindor enjoyed a night out at a restaurant, a lot of speculation has arisen since. However, thankfully Andy Martino was able to gain a “pretty accurate” figure, according to a source.

The offer was for $325M over a 10-year stretch, which is more than double from when David Wright signed his franchise setting contract. Of course, Wright’s deal was an extension and was for $138M over the course of an eight-year period.

Jon Heyman is also reporting that this will be the final offer from the Mets to Lindor.

It’s unclear if there were any opt-outs included, but I imagine so. I’m not sure if Lindor is holding out for a bigger offer from the Mets, or if he’s just dead set on entering free agency.

While all of us fans are ecstatic to have Lindor manning down shortstop all year long, we’re also eager to see a long-term come about. Yes, there’s going to be a few shortstops hitting the market after this season, I’m not sure any of them are as exciting as Lindor is.

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