Mets 2021 Award Predictions

Gem and I spoke recently on the podcast about award predictions for 2021. You can hear our full discussion here-

If you want to hear my in depth explanations for these picks, you can hear them on the podcast.


Francisco Lindor– This one was difficult for me to choose. It is obvious that Jacob deGrom is going to be the MVP, but I wanted to choose a hitter. I think Lindor is going to have a great 2021 with the Mets, as the end of Spring Training entails.

Cy Young

Jacob deGrom- I mean, there really is no question on this one.

Rookie of the Year

Drew Ferguson- Drew Ferguson is a name that probably won’t come to mind to most people when thinking of Rookie of the Year for the Mets. Ferguson hit incredibly well in Spring Training in 2021, and is 28 years old. His chance at a Major League career is shrinking by the year, so it may provide an opportunity for him to get a chance. 2021 is a rare year where there are no players that will be rookies entering the season for the Mets, so it would have to be a mid-season call up.

Batting Title

Brandon Nimmo- In my stat predictions for the lineup for 2021, which you can also read here- ( I gave predictions for every hitter’s stats. I pegged Brandon Nimmo with a .316 batting average in 2021, which was the highest on the team. I don’t really see anyone on the Mets making a bid at the National League batting title, but it is possible if Nimmo takes off.

Home Run King

Pete Alonso- Similarly to Cy Young, this one really is a no-brainer. Obviously, it is possible that Lindor or Conforto could surpass him, but that would require a lot of variables to fall into place.

As is the case with all predictions, these are complete crapshoots. We will see how they play out, and if any of them turn out to be correct.

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