Stat Predictions: Mets Lineup

The Mets lineup is going to be something special in 2021. Arguably the best Mets lineup in recent memory, it is a fun one to predict.

Predicted Lineup

  1. Brandon Nimmo
  2. Francisco Lindor
  3. Pete Alonso
  4. Michael Conforto
  5. Dom Smith
  6. James McCann
  7. Jeff McNeil
  8. JD Davis

Brandon Nimmo- .316 AVG 18 Home Runs 60 RBI .400 OBP .466 SLG

Francisco Lindor- .315 AVG 35 Home Runs 99 RBI .393 OBP .558 SLG

Pete Alonso- .270 AVG 44 Home Runs 105 RBI .352 OBP .602 SLG

Michael Conforto- .286 AVG 36 Home Runs 92 RBI .360 OBP .555 SLG

Dom Smith- .281 AVG 28 Home Runs 84 RBI .352 OBP .535 SLG

James McCann- .276 AVG 20 Home Runs 72 RBI .335 OBP .483 SLG

Jeff McNeil- .279 AVG 22 Home Runs 89 RBI .349 OBP .473 SLG

JD Davis- .257 AVG 24 Home Runs 77 RBI .338 OBP .462 SLG

I know this lineup seems to have many great players that are going to have great years, but I think this is as realistic as possible. I could see Lindor and Nimmo possibly having higher batting averages, and Alonso and Conforto with potentially more home runs. These numbers could bode well for the future of the Mets in 2021.

Photo Credit Greg Joyce New York Post

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