Top 10 Mets First Baseman of All Time

Back with another Top 10! So far I have done pitchers and catchers, with Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza making themselves onto the Mets All-time team! Who will grab that spot from first base?

10 Ike Davis

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Ike Davis was one of the most liked players in recent Mets history. He didn’t ever hit for average, but boy could he hit some monster home runs. Most notable was his walk-off grand slam that sealed himself into Mets fans hearts forever. Fun fact: When Ike Davis was traded to the Pirates at the end of his Mets career, it was for a player to be named later. At the time, there were rumors that the PTBNL was going to be Austin Meadows. That never came to fruition, but it was a sad moment when Mike and Ike was broken up for good at Citi Field.

9 John Milner

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John Milner is a name that not many Mets fans know. Not many Mets first baseman hit close to 100 home runs, as few ever hit over that mark in their career. Milner was six home runs from hitting that century mark, but didn’t quite get there. He played in some of the dead years for the Mets, where there wasn’t much going on. The 70s were definitely not the best of times for the Mets, but Milner provided a solid first base bat.

8 Lucas Duda

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Lucas Duda is one of the rare Mets first baseman that hit over 100 home runs. Many probably expected Duda to be much higher on this list, but his batting average did hold him back. Mets fans will never forget his exciting 30 home run season, nor will they forget the throw that cost them Game 5. Duda had a sweet swing. When he was at his best, he would be a threat to mash more than 2 homers a day. However, when he was off, Duda definitely had his struggles.

7 Pete Alonso

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While he is well on his way to becoming the best Mets first baseman of all time, Alonso is probably a season or two away. The fact that Alonso is already at seven shows how thin the Mets have been at first base in their past. If he stays healthy, he is easily going to take home the best first baseman by the end of his Mets career, and may even stay there for a while. Mets fans, enjoy watching this kid play while he is in New York, because he is going to be something special.

6 Dave Magadan

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Dave Magadan is a name I bet most of you don’t know. He is so high on this list because of his ability to bat .292 over seven seasons in New York. Magadan only hit 21 home runs, but to play in 700 games and hit .292 for a first baseman is impressive. He did not fit the mold for a typical first baseman, which is why I am impressed by his stats. His OPS is higher than most of the players on the list so far. Not to mention he had the second highest OBP as a first baseman in Mets history.

5 Dave Kingman

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Dave Kingman did not have the flashiest batting average, but boy do those home runs stand out. I am a major fan of power, and love it when a hitter can mash. Dave Kingman most certainly did that in his time with the New York Mets, which is why he earns his #5 spot on this list.

4 Carlos Delgado

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Carlos Delgado was such a fun player when he was at his best. His best season with the Mets came in 2008, two years after he came to the team. Delgado was brought to the Mets in 2006, the last time the Mets were World Series contenders before 2015. In just four years, Delgado hit 104 home runs with a .267 batting average. On top of that, he managed a .351 OBP over that span, making him one of the better hitters in a short period of time for the Mets.

3 Ed Kranepool

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We are getting into Mets first base royalty in the top three. Ed Kranepool was on the Mets from the beginning. He spent his entire 18-year MLB career in new York, and helped bring a World Series to Shea Stadium for the first time. Kranepool had his best stretch in the MLB from 1974-1977, where he was averaging almost .300 over that span. He didn’t hit many home runs, but he will still go down as one of the most beloved Mets in history.

2 John Olerud

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The New York Mets first base position is really a thin position, but John Olerud deserves the second spot. He only played in three seasons for the Mets, but his offensive prowess was phenomenal. Olerud was a savvy contact hitter, who managed to hit around 20 home runs a season. He is a very similar player to Jeff McNeil- a guy who can hit for a very high average as well as hit home runs. The batting average that stands out the most is the .354 he posted in 1998. This came in 160 games, which is unbelievable. He still holds the record for highest career OBP with the Mets. If Olerud played more with the Mets, he probably would have the number one spot.

1 Keith Hernandez

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Keith Hernandez. Was there any question that he would be number one? For the first three positions, it has been really undeniable who the best is. Hernandez locks himself into the best Mets roster by hitting for a .297 average, as well as hitting 80 home runs over seven years in New York. He had his best seasons in 1984 and 1986, with ’86 of course being the title season. Between his incredible glove, his amazing bat, and his stellar personality, there is no question that the fan-favorite earned his spot at the top.

Keith Hernandez tops off a somewhat light first base position for the Mets. This article proves to me even more that it is so important for the Mets to have Pete Alonso, and to lock him up long term. Fortunately, the Mets don’t need to worry about that until after the 2025 season. However, I would not be surprised if the Mets jump to extend him sooner. Alonso being on pace to be the best first baseman in Mets history is something to watch as his career progresses.

Current Mets Golden Club:

Pitcher: Tom Seaver

Catcher: Mike Piazza

First Base: Keith Hernandez

Up next: Second Base

Photo Credit Ron Frehm Associated Press

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