Mets Win the Game, Lose Two Hitters

The Mets beat the Phillies 5-4 in a nailbitter on Saturday. After the Mets scored 4 runs against Wheeler, the Phillies came all the way back against Taijuan Walker.

The Mets bullpen, who have been great, kept it tied until Michael Conforto big solo homerun in the top of the Ninth. Diaz got the save for a huge Mets win.

However, the Mets did got some bad news. A day after the Mets lost Guillorme, they lost Davis and Nimmo to injuries during the game.

Davis had a left hand sprain and Nimmo a bruised left index finger. Luckily Nimmo X-Rays were negative. Nimmo had a lot of pain after the swing so I expected way worse.

Both will probably be out of the lineup Sunday in hope for a quick return. However, with 2 injured players on your bench it really diminished your bench. Interesting decision for the Mets.

But let’s take the positive over the negative. A huge win for the Mets with a clutch hit by a big hitter the Mets need to get going. It’s time for all the good Mets hitters to step up with two of the hitters maybe out.

Photo by: New York Post Sports on Twitter

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