Is it time for Thomas Szapucki to get called up?

With the Mets currently having the best rotational ERA in MLB, you may be asking yourself why there should be any changes to the rotation. While most of the rotation has been lights out, David Peterson has struggled. The 25-year-old has a 6.32 ERA with a negative WAR. As the season moves along, the Mets can’t afford to have bullpen games every fifth day. So, what should they do? One option is calling up Thomas Szapucki.

Who Is Thomas Szapucki/How Does He Fit In The Rotation?

Thomas Szapucki was drafted by the Mets in the sixth round of the 2015 MLB June Amateur Draft. He’s been with the organization ever since and has done fairly well in the Mets system. He underwent Tommy John surgery in 2017 which made him miss the entirety of the 2018 season. Despite this, he’s been a solid pitching prospect. The highest level he’s been in is Triple-A, which he just started this season.

He’s made six starts, posting a 3.51 ERA. He would fit in the rotation very nicely, essentially serving the same role that Peterson is serving right now. In this scenario, Peterson would be sent down to Triple-A for a while with the hopes that he’ll pitch better and regain the confidence he had during the 2020 season. Szapucki would have the opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity he’s been waiting for and fighting through injury for. If this happened and worked nicely, the rotation would be even more dominant against tough division rivals like the Atlanta Braves in important games.

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