MetsJunkies Roundtable: Who Will the Mets get at the Deadline?

With the trade deadline coming up, the Mets are expected to make some moves. So time for us at MetsJunkies to give our predictions. Who do we think the Mets will trade for. Remember this is a expectation, which not necessarily need the hope.

Starting Pitcher:

Gem: Not only has deGrom been dealing with a bum arm practically all year long, but there’s no word going on with Marcus Stroman’s future with the club. In that case, Jose Berrios is the guy, he’s that guy you want as a top end rotation arm. This move will give the Mets the freedom to offer Stroman a healthy contract, but also feel comfortable enough if he decided to walk. Now who would and should the Mets part with in this kind of offer? Let’s kick it on over to Michael and see what he thinks.

Michael: Jose Berrios. There is no better answer than Berrios here. With it coming out recently that the Mets were looking to make a splash in the trade market, the question is whom will the Mets go after? They could obviously target more than one player, but to me the Mets are going to be big in the Jose Berrios market. He will come at a cost, but Ronny Mauricio to me is likely to be a chip the Mets throw around this year. I believe the Mets could get Berrios for Mauricio and a lower level prospect and call it a day.

Corné: Jose Berrios. At first I went with Tyler Anderson but recent reports mentioned the Mets wanting to make a splash at the deadline. Berrios is a fit as a top of the rotation arm, not just for this year, but also for next year. If the Mets could do a Stroman like trade, it should be on the table. Berrios is a very talented arm with a 3.48ERA/3.41FIP in 108.2 innings pitched. Over that span he struck out 114 with a 1.08WHIP. Adding Berrios would make the Mets rotation even more fierce, which could make a huge difference in the postseason.


Gem: Chasen Shreve. Yup. Listen, he’s not a costly player but he does have experience in New York with both clubs and is pitching to par. The lefty currently owns a 2.16 ERA in 25.0 innings pitched but has only struck out 17 while practically being owned by the first batter he faces. But again, the Mets won’t need to give up a ton and that’ll prove to be important going forward to the deadline.

Michael: Hansel Robles. Yeah, this is weird. The Mets will actually be asking for Robles? This to me is a great opportunity for the Mets to get a two-for-one deal here. If they get Berrios, you can lump in Robles too and then knock out two birds with one stone. Robles hasn’t had the best of years, but his comfort in New York, his past postseason experience, and likelihood to be a cheap get, could be attractive to the Mets. I could also see the Mets targeting Paul Sewald too, another former Met.

Corné: Ryan Tepera. With the Cubs likely selling at the deadline and Tepera in last contract season, I could see the Cubs dealing Tepera. The 33 year old is having a tremendous season, with a 3.20ERA/3.07FIP over 39.1 innings. Over that span he has allowed just 20 hits and 12 walks, while striking out 44. Same as Tyler Anderson, I don’t see this being a very costly purchase in prospects.


Gem: It’s no secret that the Mets have been shopping J.D. Davis on the low while also assuring him that the third-base job is his. Hey, it’s a funny business. I do think however that Davis will be on his way out this time around and I wouldn’t be surprised if the team goes for a bat that has more of a capable glove at the hot corner. The Minnesota Twins are currently like 17.0 games back from first and Pensacola, Florida native Josh Donaldson could be the perfect fit. He may have a sub .250 batting average, but barely. The slick fielding third baseman also does own a .832 OPS in 242 at-bats, so he’s getting on base and when he’s hitting the ball, it’s hard. He’s also no stranger to joining a new club in the middle of a season and bringing an abundance of energy with him, he makes for a great addition to any clubhouse making that playoff push.

Michael: Javier Baez. Javier Baez to me makes too much sense for the Mets. He is a shortstop who can move to third or second when Lindor comes off the IL. He and Lindor are best friends from Puerto Rico. He is hitting .309 with four home runs in his last 15 games, and .357 in his last seven. His bat is finally starting to wake up.However, because of the weird season he has had, and that the Cubs are likely going to get a ton of prospects at the deadline from other deals, he may not come at as high a cost as Kris Bryant or Trevor Story. The main caveat here is what the Cubs are asking for. If the asking price is too high then I can see them settling for someone like Cesar Hernandez from the Indians, who is also under control through 2022.

Corné: Jonathan Schoop. It would be time for a Dutch guy to see a Dutch player in a Mets uniform right? Well, Schoop might be an idea to do so for the Mets. With the Mets having a lot of starting players, that likely wouldn’t lose their starting spot, a bench bat is the most likely scenario for the Mets to add a bat IMO. The 2nd baseman Schoop could play some second with McNeil moving around the diamond. Schoop is having a solid season with the bat, collecting an even .800OPS with a 122 OPS+. His slash line is a very solid .284/.325/.476.

That being said. I could see the Mets stand put and not adding another bat.

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6 thoughts on “MetsJunkies Roundtable: Who Will the Mets get at the Deadline?

  1. I do not understand why anyone would consider trading JD Davis who has been, and continues to be, their best hitter. His occasional errors at 3B might allow a baserunner or two, but he easily matches that with hits and occasional HR power.. Trading Davis for Bryant is a sure way to weaken the club.


    • I agree. I wouldn’t trade a cheap under controlled bat in Davis. We need offense and he provides that. Also don’t see KB as a big enough upgrade to justify as a rental. – Corné


    • if the Cubs gave us a 48 hr trade window to sign him longer term i would consider trading to get Bryant but just to get him for him to leave and then we trade away prospects. too dangerous


      • I don’t want Bryant. I don’t think he is to much of an upgrade over JD, who spot he most likely takes


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