MetsJunkies Roundtable: End of the Season Edition.

With the season coming to an end, we from MetsJunkies give our opinions about the season. Obviously, its a season to forget. It’s a season which had so many downs, rather than ups. But even in this bad season, awards can be handed.

Mets MVP:

Michael: So many to choose from. I’ve gotta say Jacob deGrom. I know he only played half the season, but the team would have been nothing without him all year. Runner ups: Pete Alonso, Aaron Loup.

Del: MVPete Alonso!

Corné: Marcus Stroman. The most consistent starter that stayed healthy. Stroman was 9th in ERA and 10th in ERA +, making 33 starts. With the deGrom issues with his health, I give it to the guy that stayed on the Field. This is also coming after a year in which he opted out.

Mets CY Young:

Michael: Jacob deGrom. Again, what he did in just half a season is unbelievable. Runner up would be Marcus Stroman.

Del: Marcus Stroman, only because Jacob deGrom got hurt.

Corné: With Stro getting the MVP from me, I give the reliever with a sub 1 ERA the CY Young. Aaron Loup has been splendid for the Mets, to deserve a CY Young for the Mets.

Mets Rookie of the Year:

Michael: Not much to pick from, but Tylor Megill certainly would have won in most cases anyway. He had an amazing year, and will be a great starter some day, whether it be for the Mets or someone else.

Del: Tylor Megill! He came out of no where and was able to handle MLB pitching.

Corné: Not a lot to choose from this year, so Tylor Megill it is. Megill held his own in a spot he wasn’t expected to be in.

Mets Biggest Disappointment:

Michael: Dom Smith. He had been great in 2019/2020, and just completely fell off in 2021. Not much you can tie to it either, just simply slumped all year.

Del: Francisco Lindor. Mets had high hopes for him, and while he didn’t finish the season putting up horrible numbers, he was lost in the first few months and was MIA when he was needed.

Corné: Dom Smith. After having a tremendous 2020, we’re he had an OPS of .993 what went all the way down to .668 in 2021. He didn’t hit the ball hard, didn’t homer a lot and was a liability in left field.

Mets Biggest Surprise:

Michael: Aaron Loup. He was signed as the lefty specialist, with the hopes that he would have an ERA around three. I do not think anybody thought that he would have as dominant of a season, let alone a sub-one ERA. Taijuan Walker is a close second.

Del: Tylor Megill, again he came out of nowhere and stepped up during the time the Mets starting pitching were literally hurting.

Corné: deGrom. Unfortunately his season was cut short but until that moment he was on a historic run. We know deGrom is good but could we expect him to be this dominant?

Mets Best win:

Michael: There were so many amazing wins this year, but the one that I enjoyed the most was the final game against the Yankees in 2021, on September 12. The Francisco Lindor game was absolutely thrilling. They managed to play a back-and-forth game against a then-hot Yankees team, in a time where they absolutely needed to win every day. Lindor carried the team on his back, while homering three times. Also cannot forget that “turn those thumbs around” game on August 31, where the Mets scored five runs in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Del: July 7 win vs the Brewer.

Corné: deGrom complete game shutout against the Nats on April the 23th. deGrom allowed just 2 hits while striking out 15. deGrom at his best.

Mets Worst Loss:

Michael: The September 4 game against the Nationals, where the Mets held a 9-0 lead would have been a shoe-in had they lost. There were so many brutal losses this year, but the absolute worst was the Jacob Stallings game. It was right after the All-Star break, and the Mets absolutely needed to crush the Pirates, but they lost 2/3, with this game sandwiched in the middle. The Mets held a 6-0 lead going to the bottom of the eighth, and proceeded to allow five runs in that inning. They had a 7-5 lead going to the bottom of the ninth, and then Edwin Diaz gave up a walk-off grand slam on a pitch a foot inside to Jacob Stallings. Brutal.

Del: The worst lost for me was actually back to back series vs the Pirates, Mets had the chance to beat a weak team but failed to do so, for me things began to spiral after this.

Corné: Jacob Stallings walk off grand Slam against Edwin Diaz in Pittsburgh. Like Del mentioned above, not beating a team you should beat and losing it that way was heartbreaking. For the that’s the turning point of the season.

Mets Best Performance (1 game):

Michael: Francisco Lindor’s 3-homer game against the Yankees. His “welcome to New York” moment.

Del: Francisco Lindor 3 HR game on September 12.

Corné: Mentioned this in the best game. Jacob deGrom complete game shutout was the best player performance of the year. 9IP, 2H, 0R, 0BB, 15K and 2 for 4 with 2 runs and a RBI.

Most surprising Met to make a Start (pitching) this year:

Michael: Boy there are so many. However, if you told me that Robert Stock would be pitching for the Mets before the season, I would have been really confused as to where the other nine pitchers the Mets had went.

Del: Rich Hill because I didn’t expect the Mets to trade for the 40 year old.

Corné: Tommy Hunter, Starter/Opener with 8 total innings

Photo credit: New York Post Sports on Twitter

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