Mets Sign Jesus Vargas

According to Jacob Resnick, the Mets have signed Jesus Vargas to a minor league deal. The 23 year old pitched to a 8-5 record with a 4.40 ERA in High-A. Over 102.1 innings, he struck out 88 and had a 1.12 WHIP.

Farm to Fame

Main attraction over his minor league career is his control. The 23 year old has just a 1.6 walk per nine rate over his minor league career, pitching to a 3.65 ERA with a 1.13 WHIP in 274 innings.

Although his ERA was high, Vargas his numbers put into perspective with the league is way more promising (see Below).

Daniel Wrexler

In the lockdown, the Mets are allowed to sign minor league deals.

Photo Credit: Ignacio Serrano on Twitter

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