Breaking Down: Sean Reid-Foley Shines in Mets Debut

The Mets lost to the Cubs and fell back to an even .500 record. The series was a tough one to swallow, but even with a gut punching loss, we saw a great positive sign.

Sean Reid-Foley came in after Lucchesi allowed 3 runs over 3 innings and pitched 3 perfect frames. So time to take a look what worked for the 25 year old righty.

SRF would start his outing with a get me over slider for a called strike against Baez. He got another called strike on a 4 seamer in the middle of the zone. The normal free swinging Baez, took both pitches which got him in a 0-2 hole. SRF would try and get him to chase the slider down and away, which Baez fouled off. SRF followed with an up and in 4 seam fastball to get the swing and miss for the first out in his Mets career.

He went on to challenge Duffy with Fastballs and got the Ground Out on a 1-2 Fastball on the outside corner. Duffy rolled it to Villar for the second out. XBA: .220

Two sliders to David Bote got him to ground out softly (40.2mph Exit Velo) back to Reid-Foley for an easy out. XBA: .210. It was the only slider that was put in play against him.

His second inning Reid-Foley started off blowing his fastball past Marisnick to get a strikeout. Oddly enough, SRF had 2 pitches right in the middle of the zone. Clearly hitters were fooled by the zip on his Fastball, which maxed out at 94.7 in his outing.

He got Pinch hitter Nick Hoerner on a up and in fastball to fly out softly to right. XBA: .010

He ended the inning with a fastball/change-up sequence to get Happ Swinging. After three fastballs SRF threw his first two change-ups to get Happ swinging over the pitch.

Reid-Foley had his most difficult spot in his third inning, facing 2-3-4 hitters in the lineup.

He went fastballs to Wilson Contreras to get his fourth and final strikeout of his outing. After a first pitch way down the zone he went after Contreras up. After a generous swing call on the check swing, Reid-Foley went on to get swings and fouls above the zone.

He ended his outing with two outs on balls in play. Bryant grounded out to Villar and Rizzo lined out to the center fielder Pillar.

Bryant ground ball was clocked at 106.4 exit velo with a .460 XBA. Rizzo his liner was clocked at 85.8 with a .180 XBA. As SRF ended a very successful outing with getting the Cubs heart of the order, in order.

It was fun to see SRF using his fastball with great success. In his outing he got 7 whiffs on his fastball of the total 16 pitches. A 44% whiff rate on a pitch he used 74% of the time is a great sign.

It shows that even without a big fastball, it’s a pitch than can get life. As we could see SRF pitched a lot up in the zone with his fastball, which worked. (GRAPHIC BELOW: Red FB, Yellow: Slider, Green: Change-Up)

And on top of it all. How can you not like the set up, when he checks the sign!

Photo by: Andrew Gibson on Twitter

Breaking Down: Marcus Stroman Scoreless Start

Marcus Stroman pitched a gem in Tuesday’s game 2 victory. Stroman went 6 scoreless innings, allowing just 4 hits, while walking none and striking out 3. So let’s break down how his successful outing went.

Stroman started off his outing with a quick perfect frame. Joyce hit a fly out to Dom Smith on a 4 Seamer in the middle of the zone and Hoskins hit a line out to Pillar in RF. Both of those balls were struck fairly well( 98.8 & 98.9mph), but right at outfielders. With no on and two out, Stroman faced Harper.

Stroman started off showing all his pitches. He started off with a 85.9 mph slider that had 45 inches of vertical movement (best in his outing). Harper did well to lay it off. Stroman followed with a cutter that just missed down. He tried to sink the ball down and away to get Harper to roll over it, but missed the zone. 3-0 count to a very good hitter.

Stroman didn’t buckle as he threw a sinker and 4 seamer to get back into the count. After Harper fouled off a slider just below the zone, Stroman followed with a nasty 89.5 mph slider down and in. Harper swung over it to retire the side.

In the second, Stroman got Realmuto to ground out on an 0-2 slider and got into Bohm his kitchen with a sinker down and in. Bohm lined to Alonso with a 76 Exit Velo.

Stroman ended another inning with a strikeout, as he struck out Didi Gregorius. Didi gave Stroman a battle as he struck out on the eight pitch of the at bat. Stroman, went up in the zone with a four seamer to get him swinging. Good to see Stroman going up with a four seamer more and more, to change the eye level of the hitters. Also worth mentioning that Stro didn’t get close calls in the bottom of the zone.

Stroman his at bat to Segura was a beauty. He started going away with the slider and got to 2-2. He followed with his first split change under the zone, which Segura could foul off. After going away with a four seamer (foul), he got Segura with his signature sinker under the zone. Segura grounded out to Lindor for the first out.

After going in to get Hasely to fly out softly (75.4mph exit velo), he got Nola to strike out, for his last strikeout of the outing.

Stroman allowed his first baserunner to open the fourth after a Joyce single. Joyce had career success and got a 0-2 fastball in the middle of the zone. Joyce hit got a XBA of .860, showing it was hit well.

Sinkers got in Hoskins kitchen as he grounded out to third. Villar made a wide throw, which McNeil had to lunge to get, which cost a potential double play.

Stroman got the next better to ground into the double play as Harper hit it hard but pounded the ball in the ground as Stroman got another sinker under a bat. (.220 XBA)

Two singles in the fifth got Stroman into his first real gem, but he got out of it without allowing a run. Stroman allowed a lead off hit by Realmuto (105.9 exit velo/.860XBA) and a 2 out single by Segura (104.5 exit velo/.370XBA). Stroman got Bohm to line out (.230XBA), Gregorius to pop out (.000XBA) and Hasely to fly out (.100XBA).

Another lead off hit in the sixth, was erased with Stroman second double play behind him. Miller singled to open the inning but Stroman went on to get Joyce on a first pitch sinker. Joyce hit it just 66.5mph exit velo so McNeil could only get a force out.

Hoskins ended Stromans outing with a hard hit grounder, that Lindor fielded well for a double play. Hoskins hit had a .620 XBA, but Lindor was equal to the fairly hard hit ball.

Stroman day was done and he pitched great. 6 scoreless innings with a lot of soft contact. He allowed a little more balls in the air, but when they were in the air, they wouldn’t get hit hard. Mostly Stroman gets his hard hit balls against on his ground balls, which gives fielders a shot to get outs with. So far this season, his ground ball percentage so far is at 62.2%, 4th highest in the league.

Below you see a breakdown by Baseball Savant including the success, spin rate, exit velo, velo and vertical and horizontal breaks on his pitches.

Its also good to see his release point on all his different pitches. As you see above, he has a ton of different pitches and his release point is so clean (see below).

Photo by: Mets Twitter

Breaking Down: Jeurys Familia

Jeurys Familia got a lot of hate after his outing on Tuesday. Yes he allowed 2 hits and a walk, which let to 2 runs (1 Earned) in his inning of work. There is an obvious reason to keep a close eye on the righty and I get that. But yesterday’s outing was far better than his line would indicate.

Familia got ahead 0-1 before a soft 82.2 mph hit off the bat from Adam Hasely. He hit a soft grounder past the mound, which Lindor tried to field with the bare hand to get the out. It would have been a tough play because Hasely didn’t hit it hard. XBA on the batted ball: .280

Hoskins followed with a 1-2 double that he blooped over the infield. Hoskins hit the ball with a 54.6 exit velo, extremely soft hit. Familia got the ball down and in and yes Hoskins just got lucky. Familia in jeopardy while he could have gotten two outs. We can say, he made the pitches he needed too. XBA on the ball: .280

In the Hoskins at bat, Alonso made a throwing error trying to gun down Hoskins, which scores Hasely.

After Familia struck out McCutchen swinging on a 98 mph fastball above the zone. Hoskins got to third on defensive indifference with just one out.

Familia kept the ball away from Harper, who walked. Making it first and third with one out. For the record, Familia could have been out of it.

Realmuto, a great hitter, topped over a sinker as he grounded out to Lindor. Realmuto did hit it hard, but pounded it into the ground for an easy force out. Mets tried to get the double play, but didn’t work out. Hoskins scores. XBA: .230.

After the Mets let Realmuto go from 1st to third on defensive indifference, Familia got Gregorius to fly out softly to center to end the ball game. Gregorius hit the ball just 91.4 mph for the lazy fly out to Almora Jr. XBA: .090

The highest expected batting average on the balls in play stood at .280 which is way lower than expected on hits. The defense also didn’t play to keep Familia his era down, but to play for outs. Which is fine, but shouldn’t reflect on Familia. I thought he threw the ball really well, he threw 14 strikes out of his 23 pitches and got soft contact.

Perfect example to look at more than just the box score. I understand the frustration with him, but to me this was an encouraging outing.

Photo: SNY Twitter

Breaking Down: Joey Lucchesi Final Spring Start

Joey Lucchesi made his final push to make the Mets in yesterday’s outing. Technically it wasn’t a start as Lucchesi came in after “opener” Jacob Barnes.

Joey Lucchesi was splendid and in my opinion earned the spot on the Mets roster. So let’s break down his recent outing.

Lucchesi started sharp in his first inning, getting Tucker to ground out after three pitches. Lucchesi followed with getting big lefty hitting Alvarez on a fly out. 5 pitches, 5 strikes for Lucchesi. His last batter in the first was Gurriel, who struck out.

Lucchesi started the at bat with two fastballs up and away to the right hitter. After getting behind, Lucchesi threw a nasty Churve down in the zone. The Churve had a vertical break of 48 Inches as it broke thru the down. Gurriel swung over it, to get Lucchesi back in the at bat.

Lucchesi followed with a 92.4mph sinker on the inside corner, after Gurriel fouled off a Churve, Lucchesi got the call on a nasty Churve on the inside corner to fan Gurriel looking. Great efficiënt first inning for the lefty.

Lucchesi got a quick first out in his second inning, getting Jason Castro to ground to third after 3 sinkers. He went with the Churve to get young Jose Siri for the second out.

Siri was overmatched by the Churve as Lucchesi got him after three straight Churves, the last one got 49 inches of vertical drop. deGoti followed with a baseline to Lindor, who almost made a sparkling play to get him. Lucchesi allowed the hit on the Churve after getting ahead with two sinkers. It didn’t hurt him as Altuve grounded to second on a sinker.

Lucchesi third inning started with a quick out to get Brantley. Bregman followed with a first pitch single, going after the first pitch sinker.

Tucker grounded out after Lucchesi got behind 3-0 on a get me over sinker, but Lucchesi got help from McNeil who robbed Tucker with a diving stop. Yes, Lucchesi got help from his defense, but Tucker didn’t hit the ball hard (81.7 MPH Exit Velo).

Lucchesi got out of the inning with a hard ground ball from Alvarez, who grounded out to McNeil on the sinker. Lucchesi got a bit lucky as Alvarez ground out had a .710 expected BA.

The fourth Lucchesi inning, started with a first pitch ground out on his sinker from Gurriel. He followed with striking out Castro on a foul tip. He started the at bat with a churve that got 52 inches of vertical break, his best of the day. He followed with Sinker, Churve, Sinker, to get the foul tip.

He walked Jose Siri, surprisingly after mainly throwing sinkers. Siri struck out on 3 Churves and Lucchesi threw just one in the walk to Siri in the fifth.

Lucchesi got out of the inning by getting deGoti on a very slow grounder. He got to 0-2 after three sinkers and got the 65mph exit velo force out, on the Churve.

Altuve struck out to open the sixth as Lucchesi got him looking on an inside corner sinker. Lucchesi pitched him inside in the entire at bat. Lucchesi got behind with the Churve (down and in) and Sinker (up and in) 2 and 0. Altuve got the pitch to hit with the 2-0 sinker in the middle of the zone. Altuve fouled it off, to help Lucchesi out. After a called strike up and in the zone, Altuve fouled off the Churve. Lucchesi then surprised him with a inside corner sinker. Great sequence to get Altuve looking.

After Brantley grounded out to short, we’re Lindor ragned to his left for the out.

Lucchesi fell behind 3-1 to Bregman, that he paid for. Bregman got a sinker in the middle of the zone and hit it 413ft. It was the last pitch Lucchesi threw after a very strong outing.

With this outing Lucchesi put himself in the rotation. He mixed up his pitches really well and spotted it well for the most part of his outing. His Churve has been nasty this spring as he got 41.2% whiff rate.

Lucchesi got a lot of quick outs and didn’t allow a ton of foul balls. He threw 43 strikes in his 62 total pitches, which shows his great control in the outing. Also good to see that he got 8 ground outs and four strikeouts in the outing. In the graphic below you see he mostly sits around the corners, which some obviously in the middle. Impressive to see how much he was around or in the zone.

Overall Lucchesi has been splendid over 13 innings of work. He allowed just 7 hits, 4 walks, while striking out 15. With his 2.77 ERA, he has earned his spot.

Photo by: Joey Lucchesi Twitter

Breaking Down Jacob Barnes Outing

Jacob Barnes had a huge outing in yesterday’s win. Barnes came in with 2 on and nobody out in the sixth after Stroman departed. Barnes, struck out Isan Diaz and Chad Wallach before getting J.J. Bleday to pop out to J.D. Davis. So let’s break down every at bat of Barnes his outing:

The strikeout to Diaz started with 2 cutters, one way below the zone and one just under the zone for a swinging strike. The swinging strike got 30 inches of vertical movement, the best in his outing. It was also the slowest pitch of his outing at 87 MPH on his cutter. Barnes threw it down and in to the lefty hitter as one of the nastiest pitch in his outing. Although his vertical movement is below average, it’s good to pair with his 4 seamer that doesn’t get many vertical movement. The cutters look like fastballs, but the movement get hitters to swing above it.

After the swinging strike, he got a called strike with the 4 seam fastball. He got 2695RPM on that pitch, his highest spin rate of his outing. It shows Barnes started sharp in a spot he needed to start sharp.

After two balls down and in and a foul, Barnes got the swinging strike on another nasty cutter down and in. That cutter had 28 inches of vertical break, getting under the bat. Worth noting is that Barnes really owned the inside corner in the Diaz at bat, as showed on the graphic below.

MLB GameDay

Barnes went on to face the right handed hitting Wallach. After getting ahead with a 4 seam fastball, he tried to get Wallach to chase down and away. After Wallach laid off both the cutters with higher velo and less vertical break, Barnes came back with a 95 mph fastball down and in. Little bit more plate, but Wallach took it. He got Wallach swinging with a cutter little more up and away. Probably not the spot that Barnes wanted, but the sequence made Wallach swing at it.

MLB Game Day

2 down and one to go in a big spot. Barnes faced the lefty Bleday, so back to down and in with the first cutter. The young Bleday laid off, when Barnes tried to go up with the fastball. It missed but Barnes came back with three pitches inside on the hands of Bleday. After three foul balls, Barnes got him to pop out on a 95.4 mph fastball in on the hands. More in than the other three pitches. Only thing Bleday could do was a weak pop up to the third base side. Job done by Barnes.

MLB Game Day
Baseball Savant

Worth noting is that Barnes spin rate on his 4 seamer is up this spring. He is averaging 2539 RPM on his fastball this spring. A 162 RPM increase since last year (2377RPM). After a tough first outing, Barnes has been unscored upon over his last 4 innings, allowing just 2 hits, while striking out 6. (Mathew Brownstein)

With this outing, Barnes took a huge step in making the pen. Barnes is out of options, which makes his case even stronger. These type of outings does help! I personally really like Barnes and his strikeout stuff. As shown in his recent outing.

Photo by: Tim Britton Twitter