Pitching Prospect Matt Allan to get TJS

New York Mets top pitching prospect Matt Allan will require Tommy John Surgery, the team has announced. He’ll receive the surgery due to a partial UCL tear.

The Mets drafter the right-hander in the third round of the 2019 draft, however is said to be first-round talent. Allan was originally on pace to reach the Majors in 2023, however that’s likely to be pushed back by at least one season.

Mets 2021 Off-Season Predictions: SIGNINGS ONLY.

With the Mets signing former Twins reliever Trevor May to a 2 year 15 Million Dollar Deal (7.5 Million Per) and former White Sox catcher James McCann to a 4 year 40 Million Dollar Deal (10 Million per), here are some signings I predict the Mets will make before Spring training approaches. Keep in mind, these are based under the assumption that the DH will return for 2021:

George Springer: 3 year 75 Million Dollar deal: Why 3 years you may ask? Springer is up there in age in the form of 31, turning 32 years old come September. Springer fills a gaping need for the Mets in Center field where they haven’t a true Center Fielder since Carlos Beltran. Having Springer will add a lot of pop to not only the lineup, but stability to the Outfield. I can tell you this, It will beat the ever-living daylights out of having infielders play the outfield (Dominic Smith & JD Davis). Don’t Square peg round hole the outfield. Have natural Outfielders play the Outfield and have natural Infielders play the Infield.

Brad Hand or Liam Hendriks: 2 year 16 Million Dollar deal: After witnessing the Mets bullpen Implode in 2019 and in the 60 game 2020, the Mets need a strong force in the Bullpen. Just having Trevor May isn’t going to cut it and the Mets after releasing southpaw Chasen Shreve need something with more liability (even though Shreve was one of, if not the most reliable relievers for the Mets. Personally, I’d take Brad Hand for the sake of him being a lefty and the need for a Lefty in the bullpen that can also go a few innings if needed. I wouldn’t mind Hendriks, but I’m more set on the Lefty and Daniel Zamora isn’t satisfactory to me and I think most will agree with me.

Jake Odorizzi or Taijuan Walker: 3 years 36 Million Dollar deal: With Rays ace Blake Snell just recently traded to the Padres and the price being too high for a trade for him, Other options have to be exercised. I’ve talked about this with some others and we’ve come to this agreement that whether the Mets sign Odorizzi or Walker, that they should get 3 years with 36 Million Dollars (12 Million per). Both options are veteran pitchers, both can serve as middle/end of the rotation arms and they can help the young pitchers (Syndergaard when he comes back), Peterson and maybe even Marcus Stroman to show them how to pitch rather than overthrowing. Either of them would be more beneficial to the Mets, not only for the Rotation, but the Bullpen and the Clubhouse and to the other kids on the team as well.

“Why no Trevor Bauer” or “Why didn’t the Mets sign JT Realmuto?

Trevor Bauer:

Well in the Bauer case, While it was impressive that Bauer won the Cy Young in 2020, He also won that Cy Young while only playing in a 60 game season. He started 11 games with half of those starts against teams that couldn’t hit in the Pirates, Royals and Tigers. Yes, he had the best numbers in the National League and maybe even the American League, but overall, he’s been a proven head case. This is a player mind you, who in 2017 in a playoff game against the Yankees, got pulled and instead of supporting his teammates in the dugout, he went in the dugout, grabbed his phone, went on twitter and went on a humongous blocking spree mid-game. In 2018, He harassed an Astros fan for over 12 hours on twitter because she wasn’t a fan of is. While Bauer did apologize a couple of days later, it’s unacceptable to harass someone on social media because they’re not fans of yours. Also, Don’t forget in 2019 his little temper tantrum he had when he “yeeted” the baseball to center field when Terry Francona went to pull him, later resulting in the trade that sent Bauer to the Reds. Bauer has been a big social media advocate and while that’s usually fine and dandy, he’s pandering to fan bases due to his recent success, by ranking fan bases and trolling fans by wearing hats of other teams. Out of the nine years he’s been in the league, Bauer has had a grand total of two good seasons. One great Full 2018 season and a Great 11 starts in 2020. Other than those two seasons, Trevor Bauer has been an Average and maybe even a slightly above average pitcher at best. The last thing the Mets need is a player who’s more concerned about himself and his social media than the team he plays for. It would be an awful mistake to overpay for a Flash in the Pan and Head case in Bauer. He’s looking for 30+ million dollars in a Multi-Year deal. I don’t think the Mets should sign any pitcher unless they have the career that equals that or tops Jacob deGrom.

JT Realmuto:

As for JT Realmuto, He definitely is the Best catcher, maybe even the Best in the league, But for what he wants, the Mets were right to take James McCann. Why? Put it simply, In a recent press conference, Sandy Alderson mentioned that while the Mets were in contact with Realmuto, he (JT) was not ready to sign with a team yet. Had the Mets waited, they would’ve missed out on other options that would come at a more affordable price. Where McCann signed for 4 years, 40 million dollars (10 Million per), Realmuto wants what he has stated as a “Historic Deal”. Rumors suggest he wants 5-6 years 180-200 Million Dollars and that amounts to about 33 Million to 36 Million Dollars per. For Realmuto, let alone a catcher with bad hips such as Realmuto recently had this past season, it would be too much of a high risk to sign him to a deal of that Caliber. As I mentioned, he may the best out there, but to sign him to a deal that high isn’t worth the risk at all. Keep in mind, Realmuto is turning 30 Before the season starts. To sign a catcher for 5-6 years entering his 30’s isn’t the smartest thing to do. Before you say anything, Yadier Molina is a different breed of animal and can’t be compared. Some say that McCann was overpaid and got too many years. That may be true, but by the time McCann reaches year 3 or 4 of his deal, the young Mets catching prospect Francisco Alvarez may be Major League ready. McCann can be a good mentor to Alvarez and probably be the Backup catcher by that time.


You’re getting the help in the rotation with Odorizzi or Walker at least until Syndergaard comes back, I think that Lugo will stay in the Bullpen where he thrives. Steven Matz may be a fill-in as the #5 spot until Noah comes back and then from there, you bump to the Pen so he can not only be another lefty in the pen, but also a possible reliable long relief arm as well. That’s when you have deGrom, Stroman, Syndergaard, Peterson and Odorizzi/Walker in the rotation.

You’re filling out the Outfield, more specifically with Brandon Nimmo in Left Field, George Springer in Center Field while having Michael Conforto in Right Field with either Guillermo Heredia or Mallex Smith on the bench for Outfield. James McCann is a more serviceable option for catcher, older yes, but he is loved by his past teammates he caught when he was with Detroit and the White Sox.

I don’t think the Infield changes much. Personally, I think that the Infield stays as is with Alonso as the DH and Dominic Smith as the Starting First Baseman, Jeff McNeil at 2nd Base, JD Davis at 3rd base and Amed Rosario or Andres Gimenez at Shortstop. I think Amed Rosario is the Starter and Gimenez starts the year off in Syracuse. Just remember that Robinson Cano is suspended for the entire year due to his second PED violation.

Here’s the Starters the Mets would have:

Infield: Dominic Smith 1B, Jeff McNeil 2B, Amed Rosario SS JD Davis 3B

Outfield: Brandon Nimmo LF, George Springer CF, Michael Conforto RF,

Catcher: James McCann

Designated Hitter: Pete Alonso

Rotation (Before Syndergaard returns): Jacob deGrom, Marcus Stroman, David Peterson, Jake Odorizzi/Taijuan Walker and Steven Matz.

Rotation (When Syndergaard returns): Jacob deGrom, Marcus Stroman, David Peterson, Noah Syndergaard, Jake Odorizzi/Taijuan Walker.

Bullpen: Hand/Hendriks, Betances, Castro, Lugo, Familia, Brach, May, Diaz.

Bullpen (After Matz is bumped from the Rotation): Hand/Hendriks, Betances, Matz, Lugo, Familia, Brach, May, Diaz.

Bench: Nido, Mallex Smith/Guillermo Heredia & Luis Guillorme.

Those are my Predictions.

Remember, Steve Cohen said he will spend, but not Drunk Sailor Spend. The Mets will sign who they need to sign in terms of Springer and other pieces, while also leaving room to sign the three key free agents: Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard & Michael Conforto.

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Mets hire bench coach

The New York Mets aren’t done adding on to their staff as they’ve hired Dave Jauss to assume the role of bench coach.

Jauss worked for the Montreal Expos under the leadership of Felipe Alou in the past. Also in 1997, he served as the Red Sox first base coach. He’s even had served as a bench coach with the Dodgers in 2007 before taking a job with the Orioles in the same capacity.

Jauss has experience with working with managers like the legendary Felipe Alou, Grady Little, and even Clint Hurdle. So Jauss has been amongst some great company.

Source: Jon Heyman

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Chris Young is out. Owens the man for the job?

According to Joel Sherman, former Met starting pitcher and Princeton product Chris Young, won’t be BvW’s replacement. Chris Young has pulled his name from consideration for the job.

The GM and President of baseball operations search has been a long and difficult process so far for the Mets. Steve Cohen mentioned in an interview with SNY Steve Gelbs, that it has been surprisingly difficult finding candidates. This already ment the Mets won’t look for a President of Baseball operations right now and settle with a GM instead.

Main candidate right now looks like it’s Oakland A’s Billy Owens, which I’m a fan off. Owens has been in a rise thru the A’s organization from premier scout to assistent GM (his current job). He is seen as an analytic driven person. He is a baseball man who has worked for one of the best front offices in the game.

The search goes on and hopefully is getting to a close very soon.

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The Cano Effect

On Wednesday afternoon, the world was once again notified that Robinson Cano had failed another PED, test. While I’m sure there are some out there that are not all surprised, it’s important to look at what this means for the Mets going forward.

At first, I saw this as a blessing in disguise that could just give McNeil the permanent home he was looking for. However, with that transition, leaves another glaring weakness exposed and that’s at the hot corner.

While it only makes sense for the Mets to slide Davis into that corner, history has shown us that the results to that have not always been the best… or that good. In 2020, Davis had a -3 OAA (Outs Above Average) at third.

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Luckily, Davis is not the only option for the Mets. The team can leave McNeil at third while signing Free Agent DJ LeMahieu to man down second, but that won’t come cheap. MLBTR has LeMahieu signing with the Blue Jays for $68M over the span of four years, however this will likely raise his price.

The team has another in-house option in Andres Gimenez, though. While some have suggested in moving him over to second, I think I would rather consider the more defensively challenged Amed Rosario to hold down the 4-spot in the field. While Rosario has come a long way, Gimenez is just a far superior defensive option.

Another option maybe Marcell Ozuna. If the Mets decide to move McNeil, signing Ozuna could give the team a power bat in the already stacked lineup, however it would bring the team back a few notches defensively. Especially if it’s Davis in the hot corner.

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One thing I’m hopeful about, Jeff McNeil will more than likely remain a Met and have a permanent home moving forward. I don’t see the team making any moves that would have him in the outfield or at third, I believe second is where he belongs.

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Mets Trade Target: Tyler Glasnow

Tampa Bay has three top pitching prospects ready to step up in 2021; The screwball throwing Brent Honeywell, two-way player Brendan McKay, and Shane McClanahan who has the upside of a # 3 starter or better.

Blake Snell, is the team’s ace and is a fixture on top of their rotation. The Rays also have an unorthodox approach with they way they handle their team’s pitching staff. Sometimes they only let their starters go until they reach the third time of the batting order. Other times they will use their bullpen as openers and bring their model starting pitcher later in the game. They heavily rely on analytics and follow what the numbers say which can be frustrating for fans watching, but has been effective for them. I believe that they have yet to tap into the full potential of Tyler Glasnow.

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The 27 year old 6’8 hard throwing righty has an overpowering fastball that averages 97 MPH and a nasty curveball with great movement. The negative thing about Glasnow is that hitters know that he only throws these two pitches and so can flip a coin in their heads as to which one is coming next. He misses a lot of bats, but when hitters make contact, they can do some major damage.

Baseball Savant

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In 2019, Glasnow only threw a changeup 4.7% of the time but he was still able to produce a whopping 14.3 strike out per 9 innings and a 14% swinging strike rate. Maybe he does not have too much confidence with his change up, but if he was able to mix this pitch into his arsenal to at least 15% of the time, and/or throw a slider he could arguably be one of the top aces of the game.

What would the Mets have to pay? Tampa have one of the richest farm systems in baseball and with Wander Franco ready to debut at SS, they probably would not be interested in a either Gimenez or Rosario. They heavily rely on prospects and young inexpensive options that they can control for multiple years or develop and unlock their inner Randy Arozarena. They have a solid core of position players with the exception of C, 3B, and probably 1B (the jury is still out on Nate Lowe).

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The foundation of a deal would probably look something like Tyler Glasnow for Dominic Smith, JD Davis, and Catching Prospect Francisco Alvarez. I know this price would probably be too high for some people but I think it would be a buy low option for the Mets if they are able to get Glasnow to start throwing changeups and sliders in his repertoire. I believe that making this change could turn him into a future CY Young candidate. Just image what the rotation would look like with deGrom, Thor, and an upgraded Glasnow.

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Sleeper Signing: Arodys Vizcaino

One of Brodie Van Wagenen’s last moves as the general manager of the New York Mets might be a very underrated one, with the acquisition of reliever Arodys Vizcaino.

Vizcaino has had quite a decent career, even though the right-hander has barely pitched at all in the last two seasons. The former Braves closer had his career derailed in 2019 after needing surgery on his pitching shoulder to repair his labrum as well as the removal of scar tissue.

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He will more than likely start the season off in the minor leagues, however if he remains in the organization, you will surely see him in Queens at some point.

Vizcaino has a career ERA of 3.01 while having struck out 218 batters in 194.1 innings pitched, and owns a 13-11 record.

However in 2017, Vizcaino pitched to a 2.83 ERA while saving 14 games in 62 appearances. He also struck out 64 batters in his 57.1 innings pitched giving him 9.4 strikeouts per 9.

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He was even better in 2018 as he put up a 2.11 ERA with 16 saves in 39 game. In 38.1 innings, the Dominican Republic native struck out 40 batters.

Unfortunately, that would be the start to his shoulder problems as he’d only appear in 39 games that year, and then 4 games in 2019 while posting a 2.25 ERA in a small sample.

This is no easy injury to comeback from by any means, we’ve watched Matt Harvey have a similar procedure and he of course never returned the same.

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So again, I don’t expect Vizcaino to break with the club out of the gates, but if an injury happens in that bullpen, the righty should be one of the first pitchers called up. If he can provide the Mets with a quality 30 innings pitched with an ERA under 4, it’ll be a very cheap and under the radar gold ticket.

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Another major concern about Lindor

Writer Corné Hogeveen touched up on a major concern about Lindor in an earlier piece and with help of all of the comments from you guys, I was motivated to look at another major concern with trading for the MVP caliber shortstop.

What hurts Lindor here is the same thing that’s going to have him laughing to the bank in just over a year’s time. There’s no question about Lindor potentially breaking record numbers in pertains to a contract if and when he does hit the market and become a FA.

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The benefit to trading for Lindor before next winter is that the Mets will have a full year to talk contract extension with the shortstop. The downside to this is that it’s going to cost a hefty hefty price in talent, and that comes with absolutely no guarantee of a long term extension.

You also have to look at the 2022 class of Free Agent list, it’s absolutely insane.

Just at the shortstop position, the Mets might be able to make a play at Javier Baez, Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Trevor Story, as well as Francisco Lindor. You’re reading that right.

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Yes, all of these guys are going to be overpriced and there’s going to be owners out there giving the green light. However, not one of these guys will cost a single prospect in the Mets farm system.

I’m not saying the Mets shouldn’t sign or acquire Lindor, the more I think about it, the more I love it. And while I do also love Ronny Mauricio and look forward to his future, the Mets might be better off trading prospects off for someone with more team control instead of a “one and done”.

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This will let Sandy Alderson and Steve Cohen focus on another position via trade, this or next offseason. Again, that will let the Mets upgrade at shortstop without having to part with any prospects.

So yes, the Mets should absolutely try to acquire Lindor. They should also try to acquire Baez, Story, Correa, and Seager but all of them should be looked into next offseason.

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One major concern about Lindor

The talk of the trade market will be Francisco Lindor. One of the best and most fun players in the majors right now. I’m a huge fan of Lindor and he would look great in the Orange&Blue. Him at short will drasticly improve our ballclub, however I have noticed one major concern looking into Lindor his numbers.

Lindor is coming off a down year offensively. In 2020 he hit .258/.335/.415 over 60 games with the Indians. While, I don’t measure the 2020 season as that important, it’s good to notice that Lindor had a great 2019 (.284/.335/.518), which is right around Lindor his career marks.

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Lindor his defense is out of this world. He was in the 96th percentile in OOA in 2020. He has been one of the best defensive short stop for years now. And him being just 27, he won’t decline anytime soon.

Now back to his offense and the major concern I spotted. Lindor his struggles against breaking pitches. We have all seen that the league is changing into a league, were breaking balls are thrown more and more. Lindor had just an expected slash line off .226/.285/.330 against breaking balls in 2020. While 2020 is still a fluke year, Lindor was worse in 2019 (.222/.274/.375) against breaking pitches. It’s an issue what would become more and more important how the breaking pitches get used. To me, this is a level of concern if you trade pieces and sign Lindor to a long extension.

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I still see Lindor as a difference making short stop. But I can totally see the Mets going with Gimenez/Mauricio in the pressent and future. No, they aren’t better than Lindor, but Lindor isn’t someone you get for a small pakage.

If Lindor does end up as a Met, he will be a favorite of mine (he already is). So as a fan, I wouldn’t be mad at all.

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