Wednesday Night Lineup: Mets vs White Sox

  1. McNeil RF
  2. Conforto CF
  3. Alonso 1B
  4. Canó 2B
  5. Ramos C
  6. J.D. Davis LF
  7. Frazier DH
  8. Rosario SS
  9. Hechavarría 3B

By the start of this game, the Trade Deadline would have passed already and the New York Media will have a better grasp with what this team is working with for the rest of the season. However, there’s still a game to be played.

Jacob deGrom has been lights out as of recent. However overall, degrom is 6-7 with a 2.86 ERA, a 1.09 WHIP to go along with 163 strikeouts in 129.0 innings pitched.

But back to his recent stretch, in his last 12 starts the pitcher owns a 2.10 ERA with 96 strikeouts and just 18 walks.

The Chicago White Sox will throw another former Washington Nationals prospect to the mound in Lucas Giolito. Giolito owns a 3.52 ERA, a 1.12 WHIP with 141 strikeouts in 117.2 innings pitched. However, the right hander has been pitching to a 6.38 ERA over his last seven starts.

After going 3-5 for last night, expect Michael Conforto to keep his hot streak rolling, especially against a struggling Giolito. While I’d imagine his price in the DFS sites have went up, I’d still make that pick.

Pete Alonso picked up two hits last night, showing signs of breaking out of his slump. Giolito will definitely look to work Alonso up and in with the hard stuff and go soft low and away. However, again, this is also an ideal opportunity to take advantage of a struggling pitcher and Alonso can turn a mistake into a 470 ft bomb.

Trade Deadline Preview for the Mets

By Jacob Yohe,

Zach Wheeler is a rental for whichever team decides to trade for him. He has a lot of value though even with the injury, he is having a good season even though his ERA is 4.69. He can strike out batters and with a good infield again could benefit from a change of scenery. Teams that would most likely be willing to trade for Wheeler would be the Yankees, Rays, Twins, Athletics, those teams make the most sense. Reason being is the Rays and Athletics like rentals and other two can sign him. He just doesn’t make sense for a team like the Brewers who need pitching for next year. If we can net a few good prospects we will be in good shape.

Noah Syndergaard he is under team control till 2021 he is most likely not going to be traded unless the Mets get a really great offer for him that blows them away. But if he were traded, the Astros, Brewers, Yankees, Twins, Padres, Rays all make sense. He can contribute to a playoff team. If we were able to get a big package of prospects that would revamp our farm system. Which is much needed and this way we can start building around some of our other pieces.

Todd Frazier is a rental for whichever team decides to trade for him they will get a veteran with some pop in his bat. Most likely a team would take him as a DH or 3B so I see teams like the Rays, Athletics, Twins as fits not much money and he can be a contributor. We can net a good prospect most likely so it will help us keep our selling deadline going.

Jason Vargas right now is a toss up if someone will take him for how inconsistent he has been the last few seasons but if he is traded most likely all it will be is a salary dump and move on.

Wilson Ramos is a question if the Mets trade him with how bad the defense has been. He hasn’t been the greatest hitter either. If he’s traded, I just don’t see what the purpose would be because we would likely net nothing special. I’d wait and see till next year and hope he improves next year.

If we can net at least 3-4 good prospects out of this deadline it would be a win not a ton of pieces to sell of as of right now. We need to improve somehow for the future because right now the team is very inconsistent and doesn’t have much motivation right now and need pieces for the future. This deadline will interesting to see if anything interesting does go down because we could use some excitement in that farm system. The Future will be interesting to see after this deadline because we need something big.

BVW is no longer willing to sit around

After another late-inning, heart breaking loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night, Brodie Van Wagenen called for a team meeting amongst the manager and the entire coaching staff.

BVW was heated at the fact that another quality Jacob deGrom start has went to waste. Van Wagenen then grabbed a chair and threw it and told manager Mickey Callaway to hold his “fucking press conference”. If reports are true, this is very unlike the new GM as he’s always had a very relaxed persona and character.

Van Wagenen was asked about the meeting and the General Manager was quoted saying that “I am not going to give the specifics to any of those meetings.”

Van Wagenen has caught a lot of slack and criticism from the Mets fanbase for executing the trade for Robinson Canó and Edwin Diaz, mostly because of Canó’s age, contract, as well as the two prospects given up by the Mets.

Reports also surfaced recently that BVW actually called Mickey Callaway from his home in New York, mid-game while the Mets were in Arizona to have Jacob deGrom pulled from the game. Very, very strange.

Are the Mets buying or selling?

Buster Olney has reported through Twitter that the Mets are indicating to other ball clubs that they want to wait a little longer before they have to approach that decision. Olney is also reporting that this is a common theme within the league right now.

I love my New York Mets but I think there’s a few players we should throw up on the trading block. If Olney is right and the common theme right now is to hold onto players, then the Mets might get a little bit more value for a few players right now, if they are willing to sell that is.

We all know that there are teams looking into Zack Wheeler and understandably so, but the Mets should try to sell Justin Wilson, as well. After all, he’s a lefty out of the bullpen with a great track record.

If torn on trading Wilson Ramos, I mean let’s just say that we do, we’re probably just going to be complaining that we can’t ever find a catcher that can hit the ball. The truth is, Ramos shouldn’t have been catching as much as he is in the first place and a set rotation with a set catcher wouldn’t have been a bad idea from the very beginning of Spring Training. Now, instead, we’re actually entertaining the idea of trading a catcher that’s really good in the batter’s box.

Monday Night Lineup: Mets vs Phillies

  1. Jeff McNeil – RF
  2. Pete Alonso – 1B
  3. Robinson Canó – 2B
  4. Michael Conforto – CF
  5. Todd Frazier – 3B
  6. Dominic Smith – LF
  7. Wilson Ramos – C
  8. Amed Rosario – SS
  9. Steven Matz – LHP

After an absolutely insane day on Sunday (and I’m talking about after any baseball is actually being played here), the Mets head out back to the East Coast starting in Philadelphia in where we take on the Phillies in a four-game set. The Phillies are currently 39-38 but are 1-9 in their last 10 games while they sit 6.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves for the division lead.

Steven Matz will take the bump for the Orange & Blue, and cot damn it, he better not have an outing like he did the last time he was out in Philadelphia. On April , 18th during his fourth outing of the season, Matz gave up 8 runs without even recording an out before he was removed from the game.

However, luckily through hard work, Matz was able to turn himself into one of the more consistently good pitchers on the New York Mets staff. The Stony Brook, New York native is currently 5-5 with a 4.28 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP in 14 starts and 73.2 innings pitched.

The Mets’ second round pick of the 2009 draft has struck out 74 batters while opponents are hitting .261 so far during the season. After last nights clubhouse debacle, this is a great opportunity for Matzy to go out there and take part in a turnaround. Considering the Mets and Cubs just split the series, they don’t exactly have to start a great run from scratch, although for some fans it may feel differently.

Zach Eflin, a native of Orlando, Florida will square off against the Mets offense for the second time this season. On April 23rd, Eflin or “Ef” picked up the loss or “L” as he went four innings, giving up 6 runs on 10 base hits.

The Phillies right hander is currently 6-7, an ERA of 2.83, 1.29 WHIP, with 73 strikeouts in 83 innings going into his 15th start on Monday.

Now all we have to do is figure out if Mickey Callaway just managed his final Mets game while donning the Orange & Blue. Personally, I was happy to see Callaway get the job prior to the 2018 season. However, his bullpen utilization is quite questionable, especially when you consider he was a successful pitching coach with a strong pitching staff.

Premature Panic City

By Gino Gallo,

How many times are we going to immediately rush to fire Callaway after losing the first game of a series. It’s getting incredibly ridiculous. Mickey Callaway is not the best manager in baseball. In fact, Mickey Callaway is probably closer to the bottom of the list. However look at what happens when the Players produce…

Vargas throws a complete game shut out, Matz pitches extremely well, Noah Pitches immaculately on Sunday. Guess what? We win all those games, handily.

Alonso and Frazier chip in with plenty of production, as well as Rosario and McNeil. I wonder what will happen to this team if the players actually produce.

Did I say I wonder? I’m sorry, I know 100% what will happen if the players produce. This team is a force to be reckoned with, especially when the starting pitching is firing on all cylinders. That looks to be the trend and you should all be extremely confident if deGrom and Noah begin to roll, this team will not just compete, but win!

In previous articles I’ve stated a few things. I said the Nationals were overrated. I said Amed Rosario would hit and blossom this year, and finally I said this team would be a playoff team. Two of these predictions have come to fruition. The third one will as well.

Get ready for a split with the Yankees and then a tremendous run completely predicated on the prowess of our starters! You heard it here first at Mets Junkies. A storm is coming, Alonso, Conforto, McNeil, Rosario and company will bring the thunder, and our rotation will strike with unrelenting lightening… Here we go!