Couple of Former Mets Seeking Job.

With Spring Training starting today, a couple of former Mets relievers still vying to get signed by any organization. Chasen Bradford and Rob Whalen are openly trying to get an opportunity, showing their work on Twitter.

Bradford, when in the majors, has been able to put up solid numbers on the mound. Without overpowering stuff, he has a 3.89 ERA, 1.27 WHIP and 111 ERA+. Pretty solid numbers for a guy asking for a minor league opportunity.

Another guy that’s looking for a job via Twitter is Rob Whalen. Whalen never pitched for the Mets major league squad, but did help the Mets get Kelly Johnson back in 2016. The former Mets farmhand has a career 5.75 career ERA over 36 career innings in the bigs.

Good to see that both these guys are working hard and showing themself online to get their opportunities. Let’s hope it pays off for them to get a job. We are rooting for you guys!

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Should the Mets Target Jeff Samardzija?

Let me start with this, the Mets have improved their rotation a lot. Carlos Carrasco, Marcus Stroman and Joey Lucchesi are currently improvements in the rotation. Lucchesi could start in AAA if the Mets decide to add another arm for their Rotation (Walker/Odorizzi).

We have mentioned Walker and Odorizzi in earlier articles, so it’s down to look into lesser attractive pitchers. One name that came to mind is Jeff Samardzija, someone who was really solid in 2019, but is that enough to warrant him a shot?

Samardzija just turned 36 and is coming off a lost 2020 campaign. He made just 4 starts, pitching to a 9.72 ERA. Not pretty at all obviously but so many arms were lost during 2020. Samardzija battled some posterior rotator cuff inflammation in his right shoulder and got DFA’d by the Giants after his 4th start. In 2018, Samardzija also battled inflammation in his right shoulder as he struggled in that year as well.

While healthy in 2019, he was a very solid arm for the Giants. He made 32 starts and allowed just 152 hits in 181.1 innings and had just 2.4 walks per nine. Overall, he pitched to a very solid 3.52 ERA. He doesn’t strikeout a lot of hitters anymore but doesn’t walk many hitters, as well. All proof showing that he relies on his defense to make the plays behind him. That year he pitched to a 121 ERA+ and 1.10 WHIP.

Still, Samardzija relies a ton on contact outs and that’s something that is worrisome. Mainly because in that same year, he allowed below average exit velo and hard hit rate. Not a successful formula when you rely on contact.

Baseball Savant

In his great season in 2019, he had run value of minus 11 on the 4 seamer (28th in the Majors) and minus 12 on the cutter (4th in the majors). Those are great numbers, plus it is good to see his Fastball spin rate being in the 97th percentile.

Those are some promising results in 2019, however he hasn’t really done it in other seasons in his career. Although 181.1 innings isn’t a fluke year, it’s worrisome that it was his only year with this type of success with his fastball/cutter combo.

It is worth mentioning that Samardzija his fastball spin stayed at the top of the league in his small sample size 2020 season. So maybe he can return to his 2019 form? With all the red flags I doubt it and would like the Mets to stay away from the Shark.

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Opinion: Mets Should Target Free Agent Tyler Clippard

Lugo is out for 6 weeks and the Mets should go on the market to add an arm. Justin Wilson is mentioned as a strong candidate to return, but maybe we should try and get another arm in his return to the Mets. How about Tyler Clippard?

What a timing to write about Tyler Clippard as he is born 36 years ago today! Clippard has been a very successful reliever over his major league career, pitching to a 3.13 ERA over 842 career innings. The righty has appeared in a total of 777 games over a 14 year span. The former Met had a 1.10 WHIP and allowed just 6.4 hits per nine in his career.

Over the last two seasons, he showed he is still very capable to get hitters out. He combined to pitch to a 2.86 ERA over 88 innings over that span. Good for a 163 ERA+ and a minuscule 0.89.WHIP.

Throughout the entirety of his career, Clippard has been a master of limiting hard hit contact. In 2020 he was in the 92nd percentile in hard hit rate, 82nd percentile in exit velo against, plus in the 94th percentile in walk rate. Those are very strong numbers, to have good success.

Baseball Savant

And that isn’t just in a small sample size season, either. In 2019, his statcast numbers were even better. In that year he was in the 98th percentile in Exit velo and 96th percentile in hard hit rate. His expected ERA was in the 92nd percentile, showing his complete and dominance dominance at such an age.


Clippard’s best pitch over the last two seasons is his change-up. His combined run value is -14, as he comes off a year were he had a -8. That minus 8 in 2020 was fifth best in the majors and second best change-up amongst relievers, behind Devin Williams’ Airbender.

Baseball Savant

All in all, Clippard has shown he is still capable of being a very dependable and strong reliever. Let’s give him a nice birthday present with a signing on his birthday! I expect him to sign for around 2.5-3 million on a one year deal. Let’s bring Clippard back in the Orange and Blue!

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Trevor Bauer: A Bullet Dodged

Since the beginning of the off-season, I have been 100% against the Mets signing Trevor Bauer, but since he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, I feel like the Mets dodged a wicked bullet. Why you may ask? I’ll be glad to tell you.

The simple reason, he’s a head case, but that’s not to say he’s a bad person.

Here’s the in depth reason why the Mets dodged a wicked Bullet.

He’s a head case in the sense that he is very defensive on social media to anyone who isn’t a fan of his and is in love with his character on twitter based off of a 60 game, 11 start season. Keep in mind, during the 2020 season, he faced off against teams that were mostly “lightweights” from the National League Central Division and the American League Central Division. In his 11 starts last year Bauer only had to face the Brewers, Detroit, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Cubs and the White Sox. In my opinion, the only two teams who were really good were the two Chicago teams in the Cubs and White Sox. There’s no denying that Bauer had a brilliant season, but it begs the question, would Bauer be able to keep it up for 20 more start equaling up to 31+ Starts?

I personally don’t think he would be able to keep up a great pace when facing stronger teams in the National League like the National League East and West where Bauer would have to face the Mets, Braves, Dodgers, Nationals, Rockies, Arizona, Padres, etc. I don’t think Bauer would be able to keep up the pace against teams that were much better than those in the Central with the exception being The Cubs.

So why was I so against Trevor Bauer coming to the Mets? You may remember recently that the Mets terminated Jared Porter from the GM position and ousted from the Mets because of his inappropriate texting to a reporter. Now, I’m not saying Trevor Bauer has done anything of that magnitude, but he has harassed a woman online who wasn’t a fan of his for over 12 hours. Bauer is very defensive about himself on social media and is usually quick to strike if you criticize him. This woman he harassed was a college student who clearly wasn’t a fan of his and made a tweet because she was an Astros fan. Bauer took that and ran with it so far that the woman had to block him on social media for a few reasons. The first was that Bauer was tweeting at her nonstop. After she blocked him, Bauer continued to tweet about her and even sent his followers to continue to harass her.

While he may have apologized several days later, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. It’s one thing to have a small back and forth and it being completely harmless, but it’s another to go off on her for over 12 hours and also sending your followers to continue the job for you. If the Mets signed Trevor Bauer, owner Steve Cohen would have to keep a very sharp eye on Bauer’s twitter activity.

Another reason why the Mets dodged the Bauer Bullet, is because his demands for payment were absolutely ludicrous. He was demanding 40 million dollars not only based on what he did in a 60 game season, but because his former college teammate Gerrit Cole makes 36 Million dollars with the Yankees. The issue is, I don’t think Bauer will be able to repeat his 2020 success for the simple reason being that 2021 will be a full 162 games season where he’ll face the entire National League as well as play interleague games against the American League West which contains the Astros, Rangers, Angels, Athletics and Mariners. While the AL West is no glorious division, it provides more competition in the Angels, Athletics and Astros than AL central had to offer.

The dodgers signed Trevor Bauer to a 3 year $102 million deal which gives him $40 million his first year and an opt out, $45 million the second year and an opt out. After that year, he’ll make $17 Million which will be surprising if he stays for a third unless injuries or a bad year happens. The Mets offer was similar in 3 years where he would’ve made $40 million the first year, $35 million the second year and $30 million the third year. After a great 11 starts against mostly weak teams, he’s just not worth of that kind of money. If Bauer puts up that kind of performance in a 162 game season, 30+ starts and maintained that, then I can agree with him getting a big deal, but even still, he’s not worth what he got.

Leading up to his signing with the Dodgers, Bauer gave the okay to his marketing team to push Mets and Dodgers apparel to troll both Mets and Dodger fans which included Bauer shirts, signed hats etc. Some time after he signed with the Dodgers, Bauer issued an apology to the Mets fans saying that he blamed reporting on the backlash. He also blamed his social media and marketing team, and claimed he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. I call BS. He knew exactly what he was getting into when he gave the okay for the marketing team to sell the Mets and Dodgers merchandise. His apology was a PR stunt to try and keep his social media character going and after words, he donated $10 grand to some New York non-profit charities. The only good gesture in his apology was the donations in my opinion. Aside from that, he made his reveal to the Dodgers “LeBron esque” with a YouTube reveal because he wanted all the attention. He got it alright.

The Mets are better off and honestly, I think after the trolling on social media, he would not be able to survive against the New York Media, especially if he didn’t put up respectable numbers for a “40 Million Dollar pitcher.” The media would eat him alive and he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

I wish Bauer nothing but the Best in LA. Do I think he’ll replicate his 2020 numbers? Absolutely not. Do I think he has a chance to be great? Absolutely. Do I think he’ll be better than Jacob deGrom, Gerrit Cole, Clayton Kershaw or even Max Scherzer? I doubt it, but he has a chance to be….A very small one, but a chance nonetheless. I doubt he’ll ever be as great or even have the career those 4 pitchers have, but this is his chance to prove me wrong. If he doesn’t put up respectable numbers with the Dodgers and reverts back to his 4 ERA self, it’ll prove that 2020 was only a fluke due to it being a shortened season against a weak division and a weak interleague counterpart.

Why the Mets are a Perfect Fit for Trevor Bauer

The New York Mets have emerged as front-runners to sign defending Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer.

The Mets have seemingly emerged as front-runners for Trevor Bauer, per Jon Morosi and other Twitter sources. Bauer, 30, is coming off the best season of his major league career. Not only did he win the Cy Young award in 2020, but he led the league in ERA and WHIP.

This entire off-season, the Mets have always been a name associated with Bauer. The Dodgers, Giants, Angels, and Padres all were also in on Bauer. However, reports are that Bauer has narrowed it down to the Mets and the Dodgers.

Bauer will not come cheap. Rumors are the Mets have offered him around $30M AAV, which would possibly put the Mets over the luxury tax limit. This comes as well with the concern of not being able to extend Michael Conforto and Francisco Lindor.

Many Mets fans are wondering the same thing- why would this deal make sense for the Mets?

There are many answers to that question.

If the Mets acquire Bauer, the rotation would probably look like this-

  1. Jacob DeGrom
  2. Trevor Bauer
  3. Marcus Stroman
  4. Carlos Carrasco
  5. David Peterson/ Noah Syndergaard

Many could argue that would immediately give the Mets the best rotation in baseball, which would in turn make them favorites to win the NL East.

Regardless of the dollar count on the contract, this deal will be beneficial for the Mets in many ways. Rumors are that the deal would include an opt-out at the end of 2021. If that’s the case, is it really worthwhile to sign a player for a big contract just for him to leave after one season? Here are some of the reasons why.

First off, it makes the Mets World Series contenders in 2021. The Mets will have one of the best lineup/rotation in baseball. This immediately makes 2021 a World Series contending year for the Mets.

Many people wonder how this will impact the extensions of Francisco Lindor and Michael Conforto. If Bauer decides to opt out after the 2021 season, they will be able to extend both Lindor and Conforto at that time. Although fans want to see them extended this season, the Mets have a period of time that they can do so after the season. If the Mets decide to wait until next off-season to extend them, they will have the ability to do so with more money to spend.

Jon Heyman reported that the Bauer chase is down to the Mets and Dodgers, and that he will be likely making a decision within the next 24 hours.

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Hello, is it me you’re looking for? Wait what? Ollie?

The Nats signed Brad Hand, so he won’t be the answer to the Mets search for a lefty. We have mentioned Wilson, McGee and Doolittle as potential options, but how about bringing back another old “friend”? Should the Mets bring back Ollie?

Yes I get it Mets fans. Ollie’s days with the Mets ended terribly. After his struggles he didn’t want to work on regaining his form in the majors. Instead Ollie sat in the bullpen doing nothing until the Mets ran out of pitchers and he had to step in after not pitching for over a month to end the Mets season, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Mets fans.

However, since being a permanent relievers, Oliver Perez has found success in the bullpen. Ollie is a free agent, a lefty and coming off succesfull seasons, all the things the Mets could use in the current bullpen.

Over the past three seasons, the 39 year old has been terrific. He has pitched to a 2.67 ERA over 91 innings of work. In those 91 innings, he allowed just 68 hits and 25 walks (8 intentional), good for a 1.02 WHIP. His ERA+ stands at 173, way above the league average. Ollie is still able to strikeout 10.4 per nine, without his high velo fastball.

In 2020 he held lefties to a .480 OPS, while being fairly good against righties as well (.627 OPS). Obviously it was just 18 innings, so let’s look at his latest full season.

In 2019 he had more issues against the righties as righties had a .889 OPS against Ollie. He was still very good against lefties, which is his trademark. When you use Ollie in the right spots, he can be very valuable for your bullpen. With May, Lugo and Diaz all there, he shouldn’t be needed in the later innings all the time.

Let’s bring back Ollie!

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Keeping it Real(muto): Comparing Mccann to Realmuto

Mets find themselves in need of a Catcher and find themselves in the fortunate position where: a) Two great options are available in McCann and Realmuto. b) Have a new owner with deep pockets looking to improve the team. c) Have an active payroll entering 2021 season well under the luxury tax threshold (about $81 million to spend). I will be analyzing the numbers behind the two options and convince you why the Mets need to sign Realmuto over McCann. The numbers are a combination from 2017 through 2020 season. I used for my research. I think it paints an obvious picture as which of the two would drastically improve the Mets.

CategoryJames McCannJT RealmutoWinner
Age30 (June 13, 1990)29 (March 18, 1991)Realmuto
Hits per AB331 H 1315 AB (25.17%)474 H 1898 AB (24.97%)McCann (although its a much smaller sample size)
Extra base hits (no HR)62 (59 2B / 3 3B)114 (103 2B / 11 3B)Realmuto
Defensive WAR2.43.7Realmuto
Isolated Power (ISO).154.202Realmuto
Caught Stealing %32.5%35.5%Realmuto
ERA (Catching)4.434.84McCann
Expected Contract
2 year $20 MIL5 years $125 MILMcCann
MLB Stats from 2017 – 2020

What about blocking Francisco Alvarez? Listen… I am a HUGE prospect guy. I absolutely love seeing these kids develop into studs and have a successful careers in the MLB level. HOWEVER, the kid has yet to prove himself in the higher competitive levels in the Minors and has an ETA of 2023 earliest to the big show. I would hate for the Mets to rush his development. Catchers usually take a lot longer to develop in the minors than most other players. Realmuto on a 5 year deal is NOT going to impact the 19 year old’s path to the bigs. If anything, the final year of Realmuto’s contract with the Mets would be beneficial towards Alvarez. Alvarez can come up as a backup catcher on the Mets roster in 2024 and learn from Realmuto.

I am just I am going to keeping it Real(muto) with you. James McCann is a great option for a team on a tight budget. There are plenty of teams looking to sign him for that very same reason. When it comes to the numbers as listed above, JT Realmuto dominated McCann. Whoever is signing McCann is going to get a quality defensive Catcher on the cheaper side. Whoever signs Realmuto, gets a game changer defensively and offensively. The likelihood of another Catcher of Realmuto’s level ever reaching free agency is slim to none. It is a very rare opportunity and the Mets have the resources to make it happen. I also believe that by signing Realmuto, it sets the tone to the rest of baseball, especially to the very talented NLE, that the New York Mets are NOT messing around.

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