Is Kluber next on the Mets Christmas list?

According to Mark Feinsand of, he has this to say about a potential deal with the two clubs:

If the Mets do trade for the former Cy Young Award Winner, I’d imagine the City of New York will go bonkers and riot, and that also will likely mean that we’ve seen Syndergaard in Orange & Blue for the very last Syndergaard and that would be a shame.

However, I completely understand the logic. It’s not often you can get a few impactful players that are on the cusp of being Major League ready. I just don’t see anyone being this dominant any time in the near future.

With Yan Gomes being traded to the Nationals this Friday, the Mets may have to take a flyer on Free Agents like the oft injured Wilson Ramos, the aging Russell Martin and Francisco Cervelli. With the team saving money through strategic trade, it gives GM Brodie van Wagenen the flexibility to be creative within the trading market or even during the 2019 offseason. Kinda sounds like a Jerry DiPoto type,

More news to come soon!!!

Mets Notes

  • Mets have engaged in trade talks with Cleveland surrounding Yan Gomes and possibly starting pitchers Carlos Carrasco or Cory Kluber.
  • Mets claim OF/1B Jordan Patterson off of waivers from Colorado Rockies.
  • The Mets hired Jim Riggleman to assist Mickey Callaway as Bench Coach.
  • The Mariners and Mets started to engage in trade talks surrounding Cano and Edwin Diaz.
  • Officials are soon to announce the hiring of Chili Davis as the new Hitting Coach.
  • Dilson Herrera rejoins the Mets after signing a Minor League deal.
  • The Cincinnati Reds claim OF/1B Jordan Patterson.
  • Multiple teams are interested in trading for Noah Syndergaard.
  • The Front Office has announced that they will non-tender Wilmer Flores.
  • Allard Baird and Adam Guttridge have been hired as assistant GM’s.
  • The Mets have acquired Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz.
  • The Mets & Cleveland have engaged in trade talks involving Kluber.

The reason why the Mets should hang on to Bruce

If you know me, you know I’m not exactly a big Bruce fan. I’ve always felt that he was a one dimensional player that looks like the “CashNet USA Man”. He’s either going to hit a home run, strike out, and be a defensive liability not only in right field, but we get to look forward to an occasional spell at first. Not to mention, I was a huge believer in Dilson Herrera (ahem ahem!!).

Wait, wait… so why am I advocating that the Mets hold onto Bruce? I know fans (like myself) are eager to see changes that are going to benefit the team, and with a player like Bruce, you don’t mind taking a chance on a prospect that may be a couple years away from being an impactful player. So again, what good enough reason is there that should warrant the Mets hanging onto him?

Coming off of a wash year, Bruce has the first month or two of this upcoming season to play in right field on an everyday basis with Cespedes to miss time due to surgery. It’s a fitting opportunity for Bruce to have a good spring and start to his 2019 season without worrying about where he’s going to play and I imagine that will raise his confidence as well as his trade value when scouts see the Jay Bruce they’re accustomed to, from his Cincinnati days.

Any team checking in on Bruce will likely be a playoff contender, and with Bruce having two more years of control, the Mets could either dump the salary and take a lesser quality return of prospects. Or they can also take on a big portion of Bruce’s remaining contract and get a much better quality prospect or multiple prospects in return.

There’s also risk to all of this, however. If Bruce has a bad go around at Port St. Lucie during Spring Training and cold start to the season, I don’t think it’ll hurt his value too much from what it is at the current moment, but it definitely won’t get any better. It may force the Mets to trade for a minimum return at the July Trade Deadline in form of a failed starter turned reliever.

Will the Mets be sellers at the deadline?

It’s been a pretty typical season for the Mets. They’ve been hovering around .500 while players are continuously getting injured. So what approach does management take during the next few months?

The idea of shopping guys like Adrian Gonzalez, Asdrubal Cabrera, & even the Todd Father can be made & us fans wouldn’t hesitate to really care. But it’s easy to make the decision to deal away a short term player, so what about the core?

I don’t want to see the Mets trade away Conforto, deGrom, Thor, plus many other players I hold dear to my heart. But the Mets seem to go through more down years than the good.

It’s never great when trading a player in his prime, but in order to preserve future Met teams to be winners, it may be time to start trading off the core of this Mets club.

Who would you trade?

Maybe these guys.

Syndergaard dominates in Mets opener

If the first inning on the mound is any indicator of what Noah Syndergaard has in store for his opponents in this upcoming season, the Mets & the “Mets Junkies” should have a lot to look forward to.

Syndergaard had a strong outing while uncharacteristically giving up 4 runs in the six innings he occupied the mound. However, the 6’6″ powerhouse also struck out ten Cardinals & giving up no free passes in a 9 – 4 win. His fastball was hitting 98 – 100 MPH with ease while his slider was touching 92 MPH.

Syndergaard picks up his first win of the 2018 season, in which he is a top candidate & possibly the front runner for the highly esteemed Cy Young award, if the Texas native can remain healthy of course.

A Cold Hot Stove

By: David Weiss

Many observers of the free agent market have noticed that this winter has been rather dull. There have been no major signings. The biggest contract so far is the Carlos Santana deal in a move that is questionable. The Phillies gave him a 3 year $60 million deal. Aside from that, most big names are still available. If you look at ESPN’s free agent ranking, you will see that 31 year old Santana was ranked as the fifth best free agent. The Angels signed Zack Cozart to a 3 year $38 million deal. The rest of the top free agent are still available. The next best free agent to be taken was Jhoulys Chacin who was signed by the Brewers and is ranked fourteenth. Let’s be honest, most baseball fans have no idea who Chacin is.

True, this list seems flawed. Wade Davis and Greg Holland probably should be much higher. However, the notion is accurate. There haven’t exactly been tons of bidding wars being waged. Teams are playing it very safe. Last year was very similar. If you take away the megadeal Cespedes got from the Mets, it was rather boring too. Encarnacion was the only other player to get a contract that averaged $20 million a year. Fowler, Chapman and Jansen each took 5 years at $80-86 million. Besides that all was quiet on the western front.


Yoenis Cespedes signing a 4 year $110 million contract prior to the 2017 season. He is the last player to date to receive this large a contract.

There are two things to ask. The first question is why this is happening and the second is will this benefit the Mets? There are several theories why this is happening. The first is that power is not as valued as it once was. In 2017 a total of 6,105 dingers were hit throughout the MLB which shattered the record of 5,693 hit in 2000. The record was close to being broken in 2016 but the players fell just 83 home runs shy. In short, a long ball is really common. Due to this, guys like Jay Bruce, JD Martinez, Todd Frazier, Logan Morrison and Mike Moustakas don’t have the value they would have had a decade ago. This past season 74 players went yard 25 or more times. In 2014 only 27 players did.

While power might not be as valuable, pitching must be… right? While that may be true, this year’s pitching pool isn’t turning many heads. Arrieta was the 2015 Cy Young award winner, but he went from great to good in 2016 and then from good to OK in 2017. His stats for Wins, ERA, WHIP, FIP, WAR and K’s have all gone in the wrong direction since 2015. Yu Darvish had a rough World Series and did not pitch well in the first two thirds of the season with the Rangers. Alex Cobb is definitely a good pitcher but his health is always a big question mark. Put this all together and we have a lot of hesitant teams on the mound.


After a disastrous World Series, the value of Yu Darvish has diminished.

The next reason has to do with the qualifying offer. Teams realize how valuable a draft pick can be. In the past few years alone teams have gotten much better at projecting who will be good in the big leagues. As a result, giving up a draft pick just isn’t that attractive. From the 2015 draft, guys like Swanson, Bregman, Benintendi and Happ all made it to the big leagues and have shown they can play. Guys from the 2014 draft like, Kyle Schwarber, Michael Conforto, Ian Nola, Trea Turner, Matt Chapman, Bradley Zimmer and Brandon Finnegan have all put up solid numbers in their short careers. Toss in other guys like Carlos Rodon, Sean Newcomb, Erick Fedde, Luke Weaver and Jeff Hoffman who have all made it to the majors already and you get the point. Giving up a high pick for a quick fix isn’t that desirable.

Conforto draft

Michael Conforto- The result of the Mets not signing Drew and giving up a 2014 first round draft pick.

Lastly, big signings have a way of not panning out. There are too many examples to list but we all know of megadeals in which a player is guaranteed $100 million or more and he mutates into a goat. With nearly twenty years of data, there is no clear evidence that the stars perform after they sign on the dotted line. Mike Hampton, Matt Kemp, Ryan Howard, Barry Zito, Matt Cain are some of the most glaring examples but there is no shortage of more. This topic requires another post but we all know it. The megadeals have a way of not being all they are cracked up to be and the long term consequences can be huge.


Mike Hampton struggled after signing a 7 year contract worth $121 million.

So what does this mean for Mets fans? To be honest, this is good. Once January comes around, players start to get nervous. No one wants to turn into Stephen Drew. After a good 2013 season he turned down a qualifying offer and thought he could get a big contract. Instead no team was willing to risk giving up a 2014 first round draft pick (as was stated above) and at the same time, Drew wasn’t willing to drop his price. As a result, he didn’t sign until late May when the draft pick loss expired. Drew’s career never really recovered. This is a ballplayers nightmare. The thought of being left unsigned by opening day and being forgotten is scary. Consequently, someone like Cain, Moustakas, Frazier, Gomez and Austin Jackson are all guys Sandy may consider but he simply won’t put out the big bucks. All it requires is for one to get spooked and Sandy could make a move that won’t break the bank.

(David Weiss is a lifelong Mets fan. He has lived in Israel since 2008 and runs the Facebook page ‘Jewish Mets Fans’.)

Bruce to the Mets has become more realistic.

The Mets, Sandy Alderson, & Jay Bruce are not keeping any secrets when it comes to the possibility of a reunion. Even dating back to right after the Mets traded Bruce off to the Indians, he’s stated that a reunion wouldn’t be out of the question & Bruce seems to be sticking to his word so far.

Now it seems like the Mets chances to land Bruce has gotten slightly better since Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News reported that the Free Agent outfielder is willing to go down to four years.

While I believe that four years is one more year then the Mets want to commit to, it’s a positive sign in which that if the market doesn’t go Bruce’s way by the new year, he may he more inclined to take three year offers more seriously.

Bruce & his representatives started the off-season looking for a five year deal ranging between $80M-$90M & were sticking pretty firmly to that demand.

It’s no secret that agents ask for more money & years than a lot of their clients will end up getting so that five years at $90M isn’t a surprising starting point for an agent. After all, they are working to get the player into an ideal situation & money obviously tends to play a vital role.

However, statistics have recently exposed the Jay Bruce’s of the game to be more common as the years move on. That has ultimately lowered monetary value in the eyes of most GM’s when it comes to the high power/high strike out player which may force Bruce’s hand to return to somewhere he feels comfortable since his offers will all look similar.

Should the Mets go all in for Machado?

Recently it’s been revealed to the public that the Orioles are letting the 29 other teams of Major League Baseball know that they’ll be looking at offers for their prized 3rd baseman, Manny Machado.

It’s rumored that once Machado becomes a free agent after the 2018 season, he’ll put himself on the market as a shortstop, the position he played before moving over to 3rd for the likes of Hardy.

Back in February of 2017, Machado had this to say about the possibility of changing back positions, “I’m looking forward to going back to short, if I do go back,” Machado said Sunday at Orioles camp. “I hope, I hope.”

In 2017, Manny Machado hit 33 home runs while driving in 95 RBI’s & manned down 3rd on a daily basis. He also hit 33 doubles while also crossing dish 81 times.

In the last three seasons, the 24 year old superstar infielder averaged 35 home runs, 95 RBI’s and an .840 OPS in a hitters friendly park & division.

These numbers play really well for a third baseman but they would play even better for shortstop. I would question his defensive ability at the position since he hasn’t played there on a regular basis.

Reports are coming out of the Yankees possibly showing interest. The White Sox are also surprisingly interested & do have a loaded line of high end prospects that the O’s may be interested in.

Should the Mets make a play for Machado? Leave a comment & tell us your thoughts, ideas, & even trade proposals. #LGM🍎

Top 5 Mets who will shine in 2018

By Rhonda Schmidt

The 2018 New York Mets will have a lot to prove to fans. With a disaster of a season in 2017, Mickey Callaway has some good intentions after reaching out to the players. Things will change, and hopefully for the better.

To name a few players who just made the season slightly less frustrating to watch, here are some who deserve some credit.

  1. Outfielder Michael Conforto. Conforto came through and even appeared in his first All-Star game. With the offensive power he has displayed and solid numbers put up, Conforto should impress when he comes back from the Disabled List. Conforto injured himself swinging the bat and was shut down immediately.
  2. Shortstop Amed Rosario. Rookies are always delightful to watch, and the young prized rookie Rosario displayed some speed on the basepaths. Rosario has displayed some defensive mishaps, however they seem to be rookie mistakes and if he maintains his health he should look to put up quality at bats and make solid defensive progress.
  3. Infielder Wilmer Flores. Flores is a 26 year old infielder who came through off the bench. If his defense is the only issue here, why not look to start him in the infield? He has been able to shut down people who said he cant hit righties. The offense he shows us is solid, its just a matter of him working on defense and winning over fans who already say move on from him.
  4. First baseman Dominic Smith. Smith is probably one of the people on here that would come as a suprise to some. Given his youth, He looks to make a good name for himself and prove he is major league material. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  5. Pitcher Noah Syndergaard. Enter a healthy Thor, and say no more. The competitiveness and scorching fastball speaks for itself.

The Next Mets manager will inherit a total mess

The next Mets manager will inherit a total mess

By: Rhonda Schmidt

It is not a pretty situation for the Mets’ next skipper to be upon entering a disaster scene. The 2017 Mets were absolutely terrible. The injuries may suggest a result of an ineffective and poor training staff, and with the Mets players ripping former skipper Terry Collins, a lot can be said. Yes, it was inexcusable to badmouth Collins unprofessionally, however, that is the past. A new change is upon us, a new chapter of Mets baseball must begin.

Who will take over? At this point, names are just being thrown around. With Bob Geren being mentioned, along with the likes of Ron Gardenhire and Robin Ventura, it is certain one thing.

The next manager will not have much comfort room to work with. It may take some time to see the effective managing show. There is a lot to fix. Rome was not built in a day, and it is also a fact that Mets fans will never be completely satisfied. It takes a lot to play or manage in the Big Apple. New York Sports fans can be extremely amazing, yet very critical at the same time. Why? We are in the city that never sleeps.

The Mets 2018 may be a season of just recovering. Wright will have to face a career decision. Mets pitchers Matt Harvey and Steven Matz will have to prove themselves. Wilmer Flores, a popular infielder, has to win over the organization and prove his defensive mishaps are behind him and that he is more than a bench player. The rookies Dominic Smith and Amed Rosario look to prove they have big league things still to come on their respective journeys.