Three Mets you may have forgotten

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

There’s a few Mets who had the potential to be good; and at that, really good, but just never made it in New York. Here’s a few names that might just ring a bell.

Duaner Sanchez: Injured in a taxicab accident in 2006, Duaner Sanchez was a solid reliever who could’ve been a long term option but never was one.

It’s unfortunate when you see players with the long career potential have it cut short. However, Sanchez was very efficient while in a Mets uniform.

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Jeff Francoeur: Dubbed “Frenchy”, Francoeur was known to swing at the first pitch a lot, which was one thing aggravating Mets fans. Acquired from the Atlanta Braves for a concussion prone and declining Ryan Church, Francouer hit nicely despite his first pitch swinging antics.

Ryan Church: Once the team MVP in 2008 as far as hitting was concerned, two concussions ended what looked to be a promising career on the rise. Church was a solid athlete. Newer Mets fans probably won’t remember his rude comments to the New York Media about Jews, and that was a big distraction. I still do. I’ve seen many Mets in my time, I’m 28. But despite his comments from time to time, I liked Church in right field.

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Photo: Colorado Daily