Did Syndergaard just bring the hammer down on the Wilpons?

Mike Puma tweeted a direct quote from Mets star pitcher Noah Syndergaard and it was pretty interesting.

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Mike Puma of the NY Post

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Does anyone see this as shots fired to the old owners? Of course Syndergaard has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind on the social media platform Twitter. He recently criticized Kevin Cash through the platform after the Rays manager removed Blake Snell after only 73 pitches in game six of the World Series.

Now of course this isn’t a direct quote from Syndergaard’s Twitter account, however it is the right-hander talking his mind, and I have no quarrel with that.

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Photo: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

Piazza comments on sale to Cohen

Just about all of us fans respect Hall of Fame catcher Mike Piazza and appreciate his input in just about any situation regarding the New York Mets. This afternoon the New York Mets legend took to Twitter to show his support for Steve Cohen.

While some crazy rumors are circulating throughout the tabloids (including us), Piazza seems to be remaining cool, calm, and collected throughout this process. Here’s his Tweet…

We should all be finding out within a couple of hours, possibly even less, in pertains to the owners vote. Cohen will need to gain 23 of the votes and it’s expected for him to be approved.

de Blasio plans to block sale to Cohen

I’m done. The folks over at the NY Post are reporting that the mayor of NYC is planning to block the sale of the New York Mets to Steve Cohen.

While reps from City Hall are confirming that de Blasio has been in touch with Rob Manfred and the MLB, however it’s just apart of the “due diligence” that goes along with such a huge transaction.

“The ‘due diligence’ line is bulls–t,” a source familiar with City Hall told The Post. “He’s told [Major League] Baseball he doesn’t want Cohen and he’s told his Law Department to find a way to stop it.”

“De Blasio can make this ugly and he can even try to stop it,” said one lawyer with knowledge of the situation. “But he has no real standing, and Cohen will sue him. And Cohen will win.”

NY Post

As of right now, Cohen is still on track to purchase the team from the Wilpons and the final vote by the owners will still be made on Friday. But the potential of de Blasio putting a halt on the sale is a realistic prospect.

Laura Goldman, who’s been a great source through Twitter, has stated that this is no more than “high stakes poker” between the potential owner and Mayor of New York City.

Lawyer Jim Maisano added this through Laura Goldman’s comments on Twitter… “Based on my commercial litigation experience, I believe DiBlasio’s window is closing. He will not win in court if he tries to block sale using lease. If owners approve Cohen this week, when legally permissible under lease terms, Cohen goes into court and gets injunction vs NYC.”

Tim Healey is also reporting that a spokesman from de Blasio’s office is denying all reports of any block in the sale process.

I’m genuinely at a loss of words, I’m hoping that this is just some last ditch effort by Jeff Wilpon and the J-Rod group. However, it’ll be a couple of days till we find out so… buckle up!

Source: NY Post

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Cohen is rich. Does that mean highest payroll?

With Steve Cohen becoming the next Mets owner, loads of fans expect the Mets to sign a lot of free agents. Fans think that he is going to set the market on fire. Today a graphic was shared with the richest owners, which to me, says something different.

Via Kendall Baker

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This graphic shows, that the Dodgers or Yankees don’t even have a top 10 owner in terms of wealth? They still have the biggest payroll? It’s all about the revenue. Dodgers and Yankees sell the most merchandise, tickets and have the world wide attention, when you talk about baseball. As a Dutch person, you see tons of Yankee caps when you walk around the country. But do you see Mets caps? No. People often don’t realize the (Yankees) cap they wear is from a baseball team, but still the Yankees make money off it. That’s why they have the ability to have the highest payroll, not the owner his wealth.

If you look at the top 10, you see the A’s owner for example, a team that’s cutting payroll for decades. You see the Red Sox owner, who were drasticly cutting payroll the last off-season. And what about the #2 Nats owner. The Nats let Harper and Rendon walk and pay their rotation spread out over years to come. Again, a rich owner, doesn’t necessarily mean high payroll.

What it should do, is the owner being able to bring in a good analytical team and build up a good system. Build a brand and a team from the ground up to stay a contender. That’s what the Mets should, and with Alderson, will do. So expect some trades and with money coming off the books, some free agent signings. Just do not expect to much out of the free agent market.

The development of minor leaguers will most likely benifit the most. Build a team around your home grown talent. Still very important to make smart decisions and don’t break the bank on any need. It won’t work in the long haul. If you build a steady and winning team for years to come, the tickets will sell as well. I don’t want to see an overpaid group of 30+ players. I want a young core team developed from within. Make that possible Steve.

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Cohen’s bid approved by MLB ownership committee

According to Sportico, Steve Cohen’s bid to buy the Mets have been approved by MLB’s ownership committee. This is just another one of the steps for Cohen before a review by the commissioner’s executive council.

After that, the final vote could take place as soon as the World Series is wrapped up and done. Out of the 29 owners that would be putting in a vote, Cohen needs 23 votes in his favor to finish the process.

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While Cohen, dubbed as “Uncle Steve”, already owns 8% percent of the Mets and by his nickname has always been the majority favorite to purchase the team, however there have been hurdles.

One came in the form of a group headed by former slugger Alex Rodriguez and wife Jennifer Lopez. What was interesting about this is that Rodriguez planned to appoint Jeff Wilpon as an executive or front office advisor.

This definitely would’ve gave the Wilpons, well Jeff at least, a reason to sell to Rodriguez and Lopez. However, Cohen came to the table with a serious bag and now the Mets are soon to be headed in a new direction.

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Mets fans should give Steve Cohen time to fix the team

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

New to be New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is inheriting a mess of a franchise; it’s only acceptable to give him a chance to turn things around and patiently.

The Mets front office is a mess: with GM Brodie VanWagenen likely gone after Cohen takes control, change will slowly happen.

The Mets also have a few players that have just come off the books as well, with one notably being former captain David Wright.

That frees up some money, which is awesome news for Cohen and company.

What I’m saying is, it’s impossible to get everything done at once. Cohen respectfully deserves time to turn what is an embarrassment of a team into a contending one.

If Cohen doesn’t sign some free agent stars right away, don’t freak out, Mets fans. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and some franchises take longer to build as well.

Cohen looks to take control as soon as he is approved, which should be quite quickly.

Cohen is expected to bring back former GM Sandy Alderson. With more money to spend, and no Fred and Jeff Wilpon on his back, I expect to see Alderson a lot more aggressive in free agency and do a heck of a better job at bringing talent to this needy ball club.

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We’ll get em’ next year

After Saturday afternoon’s loss to the Washington Nationals, the Mets have now been officially eliminated from play-off contention.

With the loss of Noah Syndergaard to TJS, Yoenis Cespedes and Marcus Stroman opting out of their final year of their contracts due to COVID concerns… or financial, the team was never in a great position to succeed.

New acquisitions like Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha both pitched to expectation in my opinion, it’s just that my expectations of either of the two were never really high to begin with.

Wacha has pitched in 8 games, going 1-4 with an ERA of 6.62 in 34 innings while Porcello is going into tonight’s second game of a double header with a 1-6 record. Porcello, a New Jersey native, posted a 5.46 ERA while striking out 51 in the 56 innings he’s pitched.

While it was good to see some life from youngsters and veterans alike (Andres Giminez & Robinson Cano), the team will soon be under new ownership and there is no telling what this roster and coaching staff will look like next year or the following years to come.

Whether we’re winning or we’re losing, we’re watching because… well, we’re Mets Junkies!

Steve Cohen has won bidding

Sources close to the deal say Steve Cohen has won the bidding to the New York Mets. This means that only Cohen is in exclusive talks to purchase the team and all other potential buyers have now been ruled out.

Alex Rodriguez said in a statement to the Athletic that they made a record deal. But for many reasons his candidacy was dicey. Not only is the MLB record holder for longest PED ban, but his group was very piecemeal, with contributions by many. – Source: Jon Heyman

Source: Thornton McEnery of NYPost.com

Will the Wilpons selling be as great as everyone thinks?

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

Years of misery, most Mets fan can’t wait to put that behind. However, suppose the new owner or owners of the New York Mets don’t live up to the expectations, what then?

The new owners of the New York Mets could actually be worse; yes, it’s also a possibility, especially one with first time team owners.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez probably couldn’t afford to buy the team. Do you think they are prepared and have given this a full planning, or was this just quick thinking because they have money?

It’s true, if you spend more, the productivity on the field is better quality, and no one can argue that Steve Cohen isn’t the top choice of Mets fans to make the impossible happen.

Would it be nice to have new owners? Why not? However, I don’t think it’s a quick solve to the Mets’ ongoing list of woes.

The risk will still be that the plan is a fail, and that the owners are just as toxic as the Wilpons. The Wilpons aren’t the first toxic owners in sports nor will they be the last.

It’s only best to wait and see at this point, and hope that the people in charge know what they are doing.