Cohen is back in it

Per Tim Healey via Twitter, Steve Cohen is once again in on potentially buying the New York Mets. Cohen already owns an 8% stake in the franchise.

As most of us know, Cohen was in line to buy the Mets last year until the deal fell through. Cohen joins a handful of bidders which should make this interesting, but also potentially a long process.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are said to be partnered with JP Morgan Chase as a group to potentially make this purchase, as well as two other well known entrepreneurs.

Steve Cohen on trying to buy the Mets

“I gave it my best shot” in trying to buy the Mets”, said Cohen. “I’m very disappointed we couldn’t work out a deal,” he said in a statement. “But as an 8% holder I’m looking forward to a higher bid for the team.”

Cohen also stated, “I want to thank the fans for their support and the respect they showed me and I want to thank Commissioner Manfred and MLB for their support through the process.”

Many believe that Jeff Wilpon is the one holding up the deal, by not wanting to give up team control within the five-year grace period. Before the snag, Rumors were also swirling that Cohen wanted to gain control of the team much sooner than the five years.

The notion is that now the Wilpon and the Katz family will put the team up in an “auction” type sale.Just when I thought our beloved Mets and the Flushing faithful were out from under the same old thumb…

Source: Tim Healey

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deGrom’s camp disappointed in Mets Front Office

With extension talks going nowhere with Jacob and the Mets, deGrom’s agent and camp is displeased with the lack of loyalty to the reigning Cy Young Award winner.

The problem is, deGrom will reach Free Agency in his 30’s, and history has gone to demonstrate that overpaying for any player over the age of 30 is a detrimental mistake to the team’s long term future. While I do love deGrom, I just don’t know or think that he’ll be a great or above average pitcher once that decline hits.

deGrom’s camp and agents issue are that it was publicly stated that signing Jacob to a long-term extension was a priority for ownership and the front office, I think a combination of Brodie Van Wagenen being deGrom’s former agent has stalled talks and it’s probably impossible to negotiate with a pitcher that has had one of the greatest single seasons ever, that not only gained him a Cy but he was also well deservedly in MVP discussions, as well.

This shows how the salary system in the MLB is messed up, I mean it’s terrible. When players get called up and perform for 6 seasons while being paid a much smaller percentage from other veterans while these young bucks are going into their prime years, they then hit Free Agency with a taxed arm, bummed leg, or an overused position player that just doesn’t have the mileage anymore.

I’m a big believer of “Gestures of good will” and I believe the Mets need to take note, deGrom has 2 years of arbitration left and trust me guy, the man is going to get paid if he goes through the arbitration process. So pull deGrom aside and be blunt, tell him that ownership believes in you and wants you enough to treat these final two arbitration years as if he were a Free Agent.

Yes, do it because we all love him. Yes, do it because he’ll always put meat in the seats, but the fact of the matter is, deGrom is 30 and I’d rather sign him now with the “Gesture of good will” instead of having these same long term negotiations when he’s 32. A 4-5 year deal looks better and is more justifiable now as opposed to 2 years later when the quality of his performance may not be up to par, understandably so.