Chapman and Bryant to Mets Unlikely

According to Jon Morosi, who checked in with “Real live human sources”, there is not any momentum in a Bryant to Mets trade. He also reported that Matt Chapman to the Mets “isn’t going to happen”.

Yesterday, there were rumors flowing around that the Mets and Cubs are picking up steam in the Bryant talks. The Chapman rumors came quickly after. With 5 days left until Pitchers and Catchers reporting, a trade seems like it will be a long shot.

What Bryant’s Deal Means for the Mets

It’s no secret that the Mets are looking for a defensive upgrade at third base, an upgrade that still has a heavy hitting stick in the batters box. Arenado’s name has come up, however the way I see it, the Dodgers are the best fit for him.

That leaves Kris Bryant for the New York Mets. It’s important to include and understand that Bryant and the Chicago Cubs have agreed to a one-year deal to avoid arbitration worth $19.5M. So if the the Mets want to strike up a deal, this is something that obviously needs to be taken into consideration.

The Cubs are in salary dump mode, so they very well may ask any team involved in trade talks to pick up a huge majority of that $19.5M. This will allow the team discussing a Bryant acquisition to give up less from the farm, prospect wise.

Baseball Trade Values

With the Chicago Cubs unloading assets, the best prospects and players you can possibly acquire in return are probably pitchers and shortstops.

While Junior Santos is not a household name, the righty now currently ranks ninth in the Mets list of Top 30 Prospects after Josh Wolf and Isaiah Greene were shipped to Cleveland as part of the Lindor package.

The Mets could package catcher Ali Sanchez in the deal, which shouldn’t be a deal maker but with the Cubs potentially shopping Willson Contreras around, as well, Sanchez and a few dollars could help sweeten the offer.

Sanchez isn’t projected to be much more than a back-up backstop, however the Cubs aren’t shooting for a World Series ring in 2021. But, Santos will add a solid name to their list of prospects as well as a top of the line, up and coming pitcher.

However, the patience of Steve Cohen, Sandy Alderson, Jared Porter, and Zack Scott have proven to be a commodity so far. So while the roster would be stacked and loaded, they could still potential hold onto J.D. Davis in all of this.

However, if that were to be the case, I’d imagine the Mets would be looking into flipping the young and controllable slugger for a couple of prospects to replenish the farm system.

While many would love to include Familia in the trade for the Mets to free up some salary as well as a roster spot in the bullpen, the Cubs would not be inclined to do so. The Mets would need to include the likes of JT Ginn or even PCA, Pete Crow-Armstrong.

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Reaction: Duquette’s Potential Trade (Kris Bryant)

It sounds like that executives around the league are simultaneously down on Kris Bryant, perfect time to buy in, right? That’s if you’re trying to go against the grain. Recently a rival NL executive had said he’d find it hard to believe if Bryant could catch a deal with an AAV compared to the current $18M+ Qualifying Offer.

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With second baseman Robinson Cano being suspended for a second time PED violation, Jeff McNeil is poised to take over second base and that leaves a potential spot open in the hot corner that SNY analyst Jim Duquette has addressed in his own way.

Duquette would send over Kris Bryant to the Mets, for a the pair of either Andres Gimenez or Amed Rosario and number two prospect, catcher Francisco Alvarez. I’d imagine that the team would send Rosario over Gimenez.

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While some may say it’s time for the slugger J.D. Davis to take the lead, the power hitting right hander profiles better as a DH/1B/LF/&RF before a third baseman. While it’s extremely beneficial for a player to play many positions, with a player like Davis, it’s best to keep him at one spot, two the most.

Bryant would definitely be an upgrade over Davis at third base, defensively and even in the batters box. Yes the Mets would be paying more in prospects and financially, but specifically compared to JD Davis, it may be worth it.

However, Alvarez is a great player in his own right and with that productivity coming from a premier position like catcher, the Mets may decide to hold off… or at maybe offer a different package. Or maybe try and trade for an Arenado.

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While Bryant is better than Davis defensively, it’s not like he’s been a gold glove at the hot corner. In 2020, Bryant had a 0 OAA, +2 in 2019, and -3 in 2018 showing inconsistency at best.

I wouldn’t pull the trigger for Bryant. No, instead I’d look at the other huge option at third base in Arenado. We’ll later in another article take a look into why he’s the better option and upgrade at third base.

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J.D. Davis vs. Kris Bryant: Where they match up.

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

You log onto Facebook and see unrealistic comparisons all the time. This isn’t one of them, here’s how you can compare JD Davis to Kris Bryant by the numbers effectively.

They had a similar 2020; in 2020 here’s a look at the two.

In 2020, JD Davis had an -0.2 WAR, 6 home runs, and 19 RBI’s with a .247 batting average.

In 2020: Bryant had a 0.3 WAR, 4 home runs, 11 batted in, and a .206 batting average.

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That’s for 2020. Pretty similar. I’d say Davis had the better 2020.

In 2019, things were different. Davis hit 22 home runs and drove in 57.

In 2019, Bryant hit 31 home runs and drove in 77. Bryant had the better 2019, as expected.

Career wise, they are two years apart.

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In his four year career, Davis has 33 home runs and drove in 88 with a .268 batting average.

In his six year career, Bryant has 142 home runs and 414 batted in with a .280 batting average.

I’m not saying JD Davis is at Kris Bryant’s level
yet, but he could get pretty close soon.

What I’m saying is, it’s ok to compare the two. Both had a similar 2019 and 2020.

I think the Mets should trade for Bryant. Even though Davis and Bryant both play third base, it’s essential that you have a solid third baseman. Bryant could be just that if Davis is injured or traded away.

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