Mets hire bench coach

The New York Mets aren’t done adding on to their staff as they’ve hired Dave Jauss to assume the role of bench coach.

Jauss worked for the Montreal Expos under the leadership of Felipe Alou in the past. Also in 1997, he served as the Red Sox first base coach. He’s even had served as a bench coach with the Dodgers in 2007 before taking a job with the Orioles in the same capacity.

Jauss has experience with working with managers like the legendary Felipe Alou, Grady Little, and even Clint Hurdle. So Jauss has been amongst some great company.

Source: Jon Heyman

Photo from John McCoy/Getty Images

Three Mets you may have forgotten

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

There’s a few Mets who had the potential to be good; and at that, really good, but just never made it in New York. Here’s a few names that might just ring a bell.

Duaner Sanchez: Injured in a taxicab accident in 2006, Duaner Sanchez was a solid reliever who could’ve been a long term option but never was one.

It’s unfortunate when you see players with the long career potential have it cut short. However, Sanchez was very efficient while in a Mets uniform.

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Jeff Francoeur: Dubbed “Frenchy”, Francoeur was known to swing at the first pitch a lot, which was one thing aggravating Mets fans. Acquired from the Atlanta Braves for a concussion prone and declining Ryan Church, Francouer hit nicely despite his first pitch swinging antics.

Ryan Church: Once the team MVP in 2008 as far as hitting was concerned, two concussions ended what looked to be a promising career on the rise. Church was a solid athlete. Newer Mets fans probably won’t remember his rude comments to the New York Media about Jews, and that was a big distraction. I still do. I’ve seen many Mets in my time, I’m 28. But despite his comments from time to time, I liked Church in right field.

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Photo: Colorado Daily