Matz is back with Regan

New York Mets left-hander Steven Matz and former pitching coach Phil Regan are working together down in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Matz had an ERA of 3.52 in the second half of 2019 when Regan was serving as the team’s pitching coach. A much better number than his 9.68 ERA that he sported in the 2020 campaign.

This may point to signs towards the Mets tendering Matz a contract this off-season. There has been much speculation on what Matz’ role would be going forward, however, pitching is thin.

Source: Michael Mayer

Photo credit to New York Mets (@Mets)

Phil Regan out as Pitching Coach?

Michael Mayer is reporting via Twitter that New York Mets Pitching Coach Phil Regan has expressed interest in remaining as the teams pitching coach, however is unlikely to happen.

With the Mets in the hunt for a new manager, a new pitching coach will likely join the team’s coaching staff, as well.

While Regan’s age is likely the main factor to the making of this decision, Regan clearly worked well with the Mets pitching staff.

Source: Michael Mayer

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Meet Mets Interim Pitching Coach Phil Regan

By Jacob Yohe,

Regan played on the same pitching staff as Sandy Koufax where later he earned an all star bid in 1966 with the nickname Vulture, He finished with a 14-1 record that year. Regan was Kerry Wood’s first pitching coach and Bartolo Colon’s Second. He was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles when Cal Ripkin Jr. broke Lou Gehrig’s record for most consecutive games played.

Regan is beloved in the Mets organization but it was a head scratching move since he hasn’t been a big league pitching coach since 1999. He is reportedly in fantastic physical shape though for his age. Regan said “I try not to lie to them I try to come in and not change their whole delivery. I’m not a big believer in doing that or taking pitches away from them. But there’s a lot of little fundamental things that you have to do as a pitcher”.

Mets fans should not be worried about this guy what could be worse than the former guy if it doesn’t work out we move on simple as that.