Canseco wants to help Tebow

In an odd turn of events, Jose Canseco as seem to come out of hibernation in order to offer Mets Minor League Outfielder and former NFL QuarterBack Tim Tebow assistance to take his game to the next level.

Canseco started out on Twitter by saying “Tim Tebow let me help you with your swing I just saw one of your bats you have no rhythm right now and you’re to rotational I will help you for free I’m a fan of yours”

He follow with “Tim Tebow you’re never going to make it to the Major Leagues with that swing I am here to help you buddy” a day later.

And had this gem two minutes later “If I can hit a softball 500 feet at the age of 55 you can hit 40 home runs in the major leagues if you let me help you yes I’m talking to you Tim Tebow“.

It’s safe to assume that something maybe going on with the former “Bash Brother”, and I hope it’s nothing serious.

Steve Spurrier says Tim Tebow is focused on the Mets

Steve Spurrier, currently the coach of the AAF’s Orlando Apollos – stated in a recent interview with NBC Sports that he hasn’t made any additional attempts to recruit Tim Tebow back to Professional Football.

Spurrier said “Tim’s got a chance to go to Major League Baseball. I think he starts in AAA this year. I think Tim’s probably headed in the baseball direction right now, and I certainly don’t blame him.

Tebow will be 32 years old in the upcoming 2019 season.

Is There Room for Optimism in 2018?

By David Weiss

Metsland is pretty depressing place right now. Fans are not looking forward to 2018. After a few years of optimism, we have reverted back to masochism. Is it possible that the Mets might shock us? If a few things fall into place, maybe the Mets could stun the baseball world. Even if the Mets make no more offseason moves, they could possibly be the Cinderella team. After all, every season has its share of surprises. Last year the Twins went to the playoffs after losing 103 games in 2016. The Diamondbacks lost 93 in 2016 and followed by winning 93 in 2017. Every team has its ups and downs. With the current playoff format in which each league has two wild card teams, anything is possible.

For the Mets to have a good season, several things need to go right. To start, the Mets need to be healthy. There is no way around this one. Fans got a crash course in anatomy. The 2017 Mets injuries were of epic proportions. Thor refused the MRI. Harvey hasn’t been healthy since game 5 of the World Series. Familia had a serious blood clot after his suspension. Lugo and Nimmo got injured during the WBC. Cesp couldn’t keep his hammy healthy. Flores and Lagares each had a couple of trips to the DL. Conforto and TJ had such bad injuries they may not be ready for opening day… and the list goes on and on. One can only wonder what the 2017 Mets would have done if they had stayed healthy. The Mets have fired head trainer Ray Ramirez and players have discussed taking their training more seriously this offseason. Juan Lagares has changed his swing and hopes it can keep him healthier. If the pitching staff can stay healthy enough this season, that would be a huge improvement. It is reasonable to say that if the Mets can stay healthy they should at least be a .500 team.

Thor injury

After refusing an MRI, Noah Syndergaard left his next start with a torn lat muscle. (April 30th 2017)

The other big advantage the Mets have is a weak division. While the Nationals are clearly the favorites to win the NL East, the rest of the division is mediocre. The Marlins are in a fire sale of Marlinian proportion. They do this about once a decade. The Braves and Phillies have potential but their rotation depth must shape up before being taken seriously. By the time March comes around, it is fair to assume that the Mets will be predicted to be the second place team in this division by most experts.

As of now, the Mets have a lot of youngsters who will be expected to step up. Rosario and Smith are the ones on everyone’s mind. However, Nimmo and Plawecki are guys who were high draft picks who had some decent numbers in 2017. They had an OBP of .379 and .364 respectively, which is very solid. If they Mets can maximize the potential of these sleepers, they can make things a lot of fun and be the team breakout players of the year.

Nimmo Smile

Always smiling, Brandon Nimmo could be a pleasant surprise in 2018.

It looks like this will be the year many have waited for. Wilmer Flores, will finally get his shot as an everyday player. He is currently the Mets second baseman. While he has been justifiably criticized for very poor defense, it should be pointed out that it is almost always for his play at third. At second, his defensive stats are better. He is no gold glover but he is tolerable. If Rosario’s defense at short is as good as advertised, it can make up for Wilmer’s lack of rabge. In 2017, Wilmer showed he can hit righties well and had an OPS of .765 against them. Give him a full season and he could be a 20-25 homer guy.


Wilmer Flores hitting a game winning… against a righty (July 22nd 2017)

Most projections have Thor and deGrom pitching well in 2018. The rest of the rotation is a big question mark. Wheeler, Matz, Lugo and Gsellman all have shown that they have star potential. All have shown that they can find the DL on a map. All of them will be fighting for a spot in the Mets rotation. We can only hope that at any given time at least two will be healthy and effective pitchers. Harvey is of course the biggest mystery. He has gone from being the Dark Knight of Gotham to Hurricane Harvey. The past two years have been a nightmare. There is one thing to remember. Harvey wants a big payday after this season. If he can return even close to his old self, he could get that. Many have questioned how motivated Harvey still is. Perhaps a nine figure paycheck could inspire him to shape up.


The Dark Knight Returns- What does the future hold for Matt Harvey?

The rotation is still potentially great. With some health and luck, they can be fantastic. Additionally, the bullpen seems to be very deep. With Familia, Ramos, Swarzak and Blevins the Mets have four really solid guys. If Robles can bounce back, the bullpen could be lights out. Toss in pitchers like Smoker and Sewald who have could be back end of the pen guys and the talent is there. Never forget that in October the team with better relief pitching usually wins in any given series.

For the Mets to make the playoffs in 2018 will require a lot to fall in line. The website projects the Mets to win 80 games and miss the playoffs by only 4 games. Who knows? Maybe this season the Mets will surprise us.

(David Weiss is a lifelong Mets fan. He has lived in Israel since 2008 and runs the Facebook page ‘Jewish Mets Fans’.)

Top 5 Mets who will shine in 2018

By Rhonda Schmidt

The 2018 New York Mets will have a lot to prove to fans. With a disaster of a season in 2017, Mickey Callaway has some good intentions after reaching out to the players. Things will change, and hopefully for the better.

To name a few players who just made the season slightly less frustrating to watch, here are some who deserve some credit.

  1. Outfielder Michael Conforto. Conforto came through and even appeared in his first All-Star game. With the offensive power he has displayed and solid numbers put up, Conforto should impress when he comes back from the Disabled List. Conforto injured himself swinging the bat and was shut down immediately.
  2. Shortstop Amed Rosario. Rookies are always delightful to watch, and the young prized rookie Rosario displayed some speed on the basepaths. Rosario has displayed some defensive mishaps, however they seem to be rookie mistakes and if he maintains his health he should look to put up quality at bats and make solid defensive progress.
  3. Infielder Wilmer Flores. Flores is a 26 year old infielder who came through off the bench. If his defense is the only issue here, why not look to start him in the infield? He has been able to shut down people who said he cant hit righties. The offense he shows us is solid, its just a matter of him working on defense and winning over fans who already say move on from him.
  4. First baseman Dominic Smith. Smith is probably one of the people on here that would come as a suprise to some. Given his youth, He looks to make a good name for himself and prove he is major league material. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  5. Pitcher Noah Syndergaard. Enter a healthy Thor, and say no more. The competitiveness and scorching fastball speaks for itself.

Mets’ Callaway will improve pitching and bullpen in 2018

Mets’ Callaway will improve pitching and bullpen in 2018

By: Rhonda Schmidt

The 2018 Mets will see big changes, for the better, since they recently welcomed skipper Mickey Callaway.

For one, the pitching staff will be solidified and restored. Mickey Callaway is a former Pitching coach with the Cleveland Indians. He knows more than a thing or two about working with pitchers. In 2017 the main issue with former manager Terry Collins was simply that he overworked the bullpen and his pitchers. I am sure and confident that Callaway will be a huge upgrade in that department.

Our aces may indeed have worn out due to a disasterous previous season. Its only a matter of time until they regain the stamina and confidence that a fresh face fresh start will give them to get back on track.

With new coaching staff aboard, it may be a slightly better chance to have a decent season. The issue is not that a lack of talented players or contribution. A good manager and coaching staff is essential for team success. Sometimes, changes need to be made.

Hopefully this change will lead the 2018 Mets in the right direction.

The Next Mets manager will inherit a total mess

The next Mets manager will inherit a total mess

By: Rhonda Schmidt

It is not a pretty situation for the Mets’ next skipper to be upon entering a disaster scene. The 2017 Mets were absolutely terrible. The injuries may suggest a result of an ineffective and poor training staff, and with the Mets players ripping former skipper Terry Collins, a lot can be said. Yes, it was inexcusable to badmouth Collins unprofessionally, however, that is the past. A new change is upon us, a new chapter of Mets baseball must begin.

Who will take over? At this point, names are just being thrown around. With Bob Geren being mentioned, along with the likes of Ron Gardenhire and Robin Ventura, it is certain one thing.

The next manager will not have much comfort room to work with. It may take some time to see the effective managing show. There is a lot to fix. Rome was not built in a day, and it is also a fact that Mets fans will never be completely satisfied. It takes a lot to play or manage in the Big Apple. New York Sports fans can be extremely amazing, yet very critical at the same time. Why? We are in the city that never sleeps.

The Mets 2018 may be a season of just recovering. Wright will have to face a career decision. Mets pitchers Matt Harvey and Steven Matz will have to prove themselves. Wilmer Flores, a popular infielder, has to win over the organization and prove his defensive mishaps are behind him and that he is more than a bench player. The rookies Dominic Smith and Amed Rosario look to prove they have big league things still to come on their respective journeys.

Jay Bruce displays his power for the Mets in win

By Gem Tablak

In an 8-7 win against the Red Sox on Wednesday afternoon, Jay Bruce hit a 2-run bomb that hit high off the light post over the right field wall. Click the link below for the video from

Jay Bruce displays his power for the Mets

Granderson had a good showing going 2-3 out of the lead off spot & Neil Walker drove in 3 runs off of Johnson when he hit a double in the 8th.

Top prospect SS Amed Rosario went 1-3 while Tim Tebow made his Spring Training debut with the Major League club going 0-3 while being involved in 2 double plays. However, he did receive a standing ovation before he stepped into the box for his 1st AB of the afternoon(Video).

Syndergaard looked to be working on his mechanics while still looking sharp while working with what appeared to be a small strike zone & Adam Wilk was impressive as he picked up the W in midst of trying to keep his name in the conversation when it comes to LHP’s.