Couple of Former Mets Seeking Job.

With Spring Training starting today, a couple of former Mets relievers still vying to get signed by any organization. Chasen Bradford and Rob Whalen are openly trying to get an opportunity, showing their work on Twitter.

Bradford, when in the majors, has been able to put up solid numbers on the mound. Without overpowering stuff, he has a 3.89 ERA, 1.27 WHIP and 111 ERA+. Pretty solid numbers for a guy asking for a minor league opportunity.

Another guy that’s looking for a job via Twitter is Rob Whalen. Whalen never pitched for the Mets major league squad, but did help the Mets get Kelly Johnson back in 2016. The former Mets farmhand has a career 5.75 career ERA over 36 career innings in the bigs.

Good to see that both these guys are working hard and showing themself online to get their opportunities. Let’s hope it pays off for them to get a job. We are rooting for you guys!

Photo from Deposit Photo