Stro vs. Bauer. Who to take? Part three

The off-season is almost here with the World Series coming to an end. Biggest need in the off-season for our beloved Mets? Starting pitching!

Comparing Stroman and Bauer part three is about money. One of the biggest questions a front office should ask themselves is, “is the player worth the money he will get and is it a player we want to be part of our team long term?” I will conclude this segment, with a pick of who I would go for.

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Bauer: Trevor Bauer will get paid and will likely take a long term deal. Why shouldn’t he? He is coming off of a career year, winning the CY Young. His time to cash in, is NOW. I have seen predictions flown around for 7-10 year deals at 25 mil per year. While he is the hot free agent on pitching shopping lists, I don’t think he will end up getting that long of a deal. I expect Bauer to sign a 5-7 year deal at 27.5 mil dollars per season. Still, to me, thats an overpay for a pitcher, who is coming off a career year. I wouldn’t do it for the money he will get.

Stroman: While I wouldn’t give Bauer a 5-7 year deal, I would definitely go 5 for Stroman. A deal like 5/115-120 is something I would sign the 29 year old righty for. Stroman (when on the field) has been very consistent, is a pitcher who I believe will be healthy for most of the time. Going 5/115-120 for Stroman is a safer bet than going overboard on Bauer. I could easily see Bauer getting even more than I mentioned and that’s a major overpay in my book.

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Conclusion: Considering all three parts (Stats, personallity and money), my pick would be Marcus Stroman as our old/new friend at the second spot in the rotation! Go get it done and re-sign Stro!! Let him stay on the good side of NY! Together with Jake and some talented arms coming thru the pipeline!

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