Fuzzy mentioned trade option for Lindor

Baseball YouTube star Fuzzy, Indians and Lindor fan, talked about possible trade destionations and pakages on his YouTube channel. Let’s hope the Indians GM listens to one of his most known fan.

In this episode, Fuzzy talked about 4 destinations for Lindor (Dodgers, Yankees, Mets and Braves), while being mad about being an Indians fan who has to trade their superstar shortstop.

Fuzzy mentioned J.D. Davis and Amed Rosario as the main pieces in return, obviously that is a extremely light return and the Mets should immediately do it. However, the Indians won’t and shouldn’t.

Davis and Rosario could be a start with adding one or two top prospects. Allen or Ginn comes to mind, together with a lighter prospect. More likely is that Gimenez will be part of the trade and not Rosario. Gimenez has way more value and has shown to be a solid player at a very young age. That being said, I like Gimenez more and rather trade Rosario.

Give Fuzzy a follow. Although his trade proposal isn’t a good one for his team IMO, he is a smart well known fan, who is fun on YouTube. He is also seen in Bauer his youtube channel Momentum.

Photo from Twitter

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