Hello, is it me (Blake Snell) you’re looking for?

The Rays are open to trading their ace lefty Blake Snell. The former CY Young award winner is coming off a good season, with a controversial last start in the world series. Snell was pitching well, but got pulled in the sixth, something the lefty didn’t like, but is part of the Rays success. It didn’t work out in the last World Series game tho.

It’s obvious the Mets are looking for starting pitching, so it should be obvious the Mets are interested. However, getting Snell would be very costly in terms of prospects, which might indicate the price will be to steep for the Mets. Also, the Rays have a good history for trading their starters for a haul of talent.

Blake Snell’s 2020 was a terrific season on the field. He pitched to a 3.24 ERA (also his career mark) in over 50 innings. Over those 50 frames he collected a 11.3 strikeouts per nine and a 1.20 WHIP. All very solid numbers from the 27 year old. Over his career, Snell has a 130 ERA+, so he has been well above average. No indication that will decrease anytime soon.

Biggest con on Snell is his inability to pitch deep into games. However, his performance in the middle innings is still very solid. In his career, he has a 3.82 ERA in the 4th thru 6th innings, slightly higher than his career ERA mark. In 108 career starts, Snell has pitched 556 innings, showing he pitches less than 6 per start on average. Something to mention, with the Mets not having a bullpen like the Rays.

Still, there is a shot to get Snell to the Mets. However, I wouldn’t do it for just Snell and add a bad contract in Kiermaier. Snell is owned 40.8 million for three years. Not much for a pitcher of his caliber, meaning he will cost a ton on it’s own. To be able to give up slighlty less, you can add Kiermaier and his 23 million (plus 13m team option) for two years.

Kiermaier hasn’t been good with the bat (OPS under .700 in the last three years), but he is still a terrific defender and a game changer in CF, a spot the Mets could desperately need to improve their defense. The Rays should be happy to include Kiermaier and his contract. A trade proposal could look like this:


Still a steep price to pay, but something to consider. You get a top of the rotation arm with three years of control and add a terrific defensive center fielder. The price to pay is worth it for me personally, but there are other options to consider.

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

6 thoughts on “Hello, is it me (Blake Snell) you’re looking for?

  1. Are you serious? Whose gonna play 3rd base if Davis is traded. Offer them Rosario. His replacement is already on the roster in the form of Giminez.


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