Three Mets who will shine in 2021

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

We all love sneak peaks, right?
Here’s a few Mets, maybe too early, who can have a solid and impressive 2021.

Michael Conforto:

Conforto had a spot on 2020. He was easily the team’s MVP. Here’s a look at Conforto’s 2020: he hit 9 home runs and 31 batted in, with a .322 batting average. That’s a solid 2020 by the numbers, especially during the Covid shortened season. This is a job well done by the star outfielder, who’s looking to have a career best 2021 and possibly another top caliber season. It’s only up from here for Conforto, who should be re-signed this off-season.

Andrès Giménez:

Amed Rosario is switching his shortstop position for the young and upcoming star in Giménez. Here’s a look at the to be sophomore.
In 2020, the rookie Giménez had a 1.0 WAR, hit 3 home runs, 12 RBI’s and a .263 batting average in 49 games.
Giménez looks to have a solid 2021, and will no doubt be exciting to watch at Shortstop. I think moving Rosario to another position is the best for the Mets, who will have two young stars still contribute big when needed at their respective positions.

Jacob DeGrom:

DeGrom missed out on the CY Young this year, but, it’s evident he is the best pitcher in New York. Maybe, just maybe, he will attempt another CY Young in 2021. A 4-2 record, 2.38 ERA, I’m still happy with what DeGrom has to offer.
Add someone like Trevor Bauer or James McCann, and this is a stacked team. I’m excited, are you?

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Photo from CBS Sports

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