Mets One of the Teams in On Sugano, with Deadline Approaching

Tomoyuki Sugano, Japanese star pitcher from the Yomiuri Giants, is on the market. The Mets are looking for starting pitching and could land the Japanese starter. According to Jon Morosi, Sugano has interest from not just the Mets, but also the Blue Jays (yes again), Padres, Giants and Red Sox.

Earlier this offseason I wrote an article about Sugano, if I believe Sugano is a good way to go on improving the rotation. Sugano is seen as the second best starter on the market by some in the industry.

Sugano and teams have until January 7th to come to an agreement which makes it an important one and a half week for Sugano and their pursuers.

Photo by: the Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images

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