Yankees or Japan for Tanaka?

A source close to Masahiro Tanaka has told Randy Miller of NJ Advantages media, that Tanaka would only sign with the Yankees or move back to Japan. That means it seems unlikely that the 32 year old will make his move to the other side of NY.

Earlier in the offseason, I wrote that I liked the idea of adding Tanaka to the Mets rotation. Tanaka has been very steady in the Bronx and is seen as a strong mid rotation option for the Mets. With this news, a solid option to the rotation is of board.

Personally I like to see a player that loyal to a ballclub (to bad it’s the Yankees). There are good enough options left to go a different route. How about another Japanese pitcher in Sugano? Odorizzi? This month is going to be fun, so buckle up.

Photo by: Christian Peterson/Getty Images

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