Besides Analytics. Pillar Could Fit

As many who read my articles know, I like to use analytics to evaluate a player. I did so with Pillar and didn’t made me particularly happy when the Mets signed him. We are now a few days further and I’m turning around. I can understand why the Mets took him for different reasons.

The Mets reportedly had interest in signing Adam Duvall, who signed with the Marlins. After that the Mets turned to Pillar and signed him. This shows me that the Mets wanted to sign a better corner outfielder and maybe aren’t looking at Pillar for CF? Which the Mets should avoid.

Is Pillar a starting OF? No he is a bench piece. And as a bench piece he has some features. He is a solid corner outfielder, has some speed and occasionally shows pop. He doesn’t strike out but also doesn’t walk, making him put the ball in play a lot. But main thing he brings? Energy!

Pillar is a type of hard nose player that can bring energy off the bench in the game but also on the bench. To me he seems like a guy who gets into it, wants to play hard and wants others to play hard. He reminds me of Michael Cuddyer’s role in 2015.

To me Pillar still isn’t the perfect fit. However, I can see him being a fit when the Mets use him correctly. Smith, Nimmo and Conforto should play a lot. They shouldn’t lose a lot of at bats to Pillar. Without the DH, Pillar is needed more as a pinch hitter and guy who fills positions with injuries. He is also a better corner OF than Smith, so there is a possibility to replace Smith late in games. If the Mets use him in that role, it could be a good signing.

Photo by ESPN

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