Mets to sign international prospect

Jesse Sanchez of is reporting that the Mets are hoping and planning to sign the 26th top international prospect, 16-year old Alexander Ramirez, a centerfielder who shows signs of advanced set hitting skills as well as a good feeling for the strike zone.

Rumor is that the Mets have already signed Ramirez, a native of the Dominican Republic, however the Mets have yet to announce any deal making it official.

While he projects to be an average hitter with flashes of emerging power, he tends to be more of a line drive hitter that consistently makes contact to all fields. He’s a true centerfielder that should spend the majority of his career there due to his above-average speed, pegging him to be a solid defender, as well.

Ramirez, the 6’3″ outfielder will earn approximately $2.1M with this current deal, once it is confirmed by the club and club officials.

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