Mets Hot Stove News

Two current Mets target were in the news today. First off, George Springer.

According to ShiDavidi, the Blue Jays have progressed in talks with the free agent center fielder. ShiDavidi said “the Blue Jays are more then just talking”. Springer is a major target for the Mets their free agent hole in CF, but could go for the north side of the border.

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That wasn’t the only news about a major free agent and this didn’t come from a reporter, but the owner of the Phillies. The Phillies owner John Middleton said that the Phillies can not afford to re-sign Realmuto due to major financial loses during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This means a major rival in signing Realmuto, is out. This makes a Realmuto to Mets even more likely.

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Photo from The Athletic

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