Mets Pregame Predictions and Preview: Mets vs Marlins 4/10/21

After an off day, and a controversial call to end a game, the Mets are back! Let’s get predicting.

Trevor Rogers (MIA) vs Jacob deGrom (NYM)

1:10 PM EST Citi Field



  1. Corey Dickerson LF
  2. Starling Marte CF
  3. Jesús Aguilar 1B
  4. Garrett Cooper RF
  5. Brian Anderson 3B
  6. Jazz Chisolm 2B
  7. Miguel Rojas SS
  8. Chad Wallach C
  9. Trevor Rogers P


  1. Brandon Nimmo CF
  2. Francisco Lindor SS
  3. Michael Conforto RF
  4. Pete Alonso 1B
  5. Dominic Smith LF
  6. James McCann C
  7. Jeff McNeil 2B
  8. Jonathan Villar 3B
  9. Jacob deGrom P

Final Score

Marlins 2 Mets 4

Mets Player of the Game

Jacob deGrom (Learned my lesson to never not put deGrom as POTG)

Marlins Player of the Game

Jesus Aguilar

Mets First Hit of the Game

Dom Smith

Marlins First Hit of the Game

Jesus Aguilar

How I Get Graded

Every prediction I make is worth 1 point. At the end of the day, there are 12 points up for grabs in 2021.

1 point for picking winner

1 point for picking Mets score correctly

1 point for picking opponents score correctly

1 point if the score of the game is correct, but winner is wrong

1 point for Mets player of the game

1 point for opponent’s player of the game

3 points for picking who gets the first hit for both teams (Doesn’t count against me if it’s wrong. This is because it is really difficult to predict this stat, so it is like a bonus stat.)

New York Post Charles Wenzelberg

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