Mets Trade Target: Francisco Lindor

Finally!!! Francisco Lindor has come back… to the center of trade talk (Shout out to The Rock Duane Johnson). And by finally, I mean relentlessly again and again. But let’s be real, a decent portion of the fan base wants Lindor now, as opposed to trying at him or a handful of other premier shortstops next offseason.

So let’s entertain the idea of trying to acquire the MVP caliber shortstop via trade this off-season, what’s it going to take to get that done?

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MetNews posted their own trade proposal involving Andres Gimenez, J.D. Davis, and third base prospect Brett Baty for the All-Star shortstop.

While a lot of people are saying it would take Dom Smith or Pete Alonso to make the deal happen, Jon Harper of SNY doesn’t believe that to be so.

Harper believes that if the new GM is patient enough, the Mets can have Lindor for a couple of their young shortstops, referring to Gimenez and Mauricio. As well as including J.D. Davis and another young prospect.

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With Lindor going into Free Agency next off-season, Steve Cohen and the Mets should really look into an immediate extension for the shortstop. Of course it’s not going to come cheap, but it’s important that the Mets have a long term solution.

Lindor’s lifetime slash line is .285/.346/.488/.833 while averaging 40 doubles, three triples, and 29 home runs every 162. He also averages 86 RBI’s and 21 stolen bases alongside solid defensive abilities at the shortstop position.

The man has a career 28.4 WAR in just six Major League seasons so he’s going to get record setting money if he does decide to hit free agency. Let’s just hope that the Mets can either trade for the shortstop, or just be patient and acquire him on the free agent market with Uncle Steve’s fat ass wallet.

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Photo by Harrison Barden/MLB Photos via Getty Images

10 thoughts on “Mets Trade Target: Francisco Lindor

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  2. Ive been on this bandwagon but I think im getting off. Hes a great player and I think a good guy too. Great energy. But he’s gonna be expensive and im not sure he brings enough to be one of the handful (5-7 in uncle Steve world?) of $20+ million players a team can reasonably afford. I know SS is a premium position and that makes him technically more valuable. But if you can only have 5-6 huge contracts, and thats a lot, do you want a guy who is a lifetime .833 ops? Im not saying he’s a bad contract because hes overpaid but if it excludes you from adding some other player later then it is a bad contract. Ask the Philly’s.

    If we were starting from scratch then its a no brainer. But the Mets are deep at SS and for me Id rather have a bigtime defender at C, 2B or SS and find my offense elsewhere rather then pay top $ to a player who is really, really good but not elite. I get it, hes maybe the best SS but his numbers, while very good, aren’t off the charts. C, 2B and SS are positions where you need to get double the production if you pay double the money. If not take the cheaper, defense first guy and use the savings to pay guys at non premium positions for their (better) offensive potential. Remember one thing about WAR. It doesn’t calculate the players you cant sign because of players you are already committed to. I dont begrudge anyone a dime. But when it gets north of $15 million per you need to look at not only what the player gives you, but what he may eventually not allow you to have. Thats what the Rays do better than any other team.


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