Opinion: Rachel Luba is changing baseball

For a couple of months, I’ve been following Trevor Bauer on his YouTube channel called “Momentum”. If you haven’t watched it yet, do it. In his vlogs, he gives the fans a look into his life as a Baseball player. You get an inside look at how he prepares, but also the business side of the job. In comes his player agent: Rachel Luba of Luba Sports.

Luba has been the center of the attention more and more on the Momentum page. She’s made a couple of vlogs where she’s made visits to the homes of other players she represents. So Momentum not only showing baseball players, but also an agent who is trying to show the fans more about the business. Mainly, because they view fans as a big part of the industry. Who doesn’t love to hear and see that as a fan?

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Lately, Luba has made some video’s for her own channel. On her channel she provides an explanation on how certain business parts in baseball work. In her latest episode she talks about the arbitration process (see below). In other video’s she explained the Qualifying offer and Super two status. She gives interesting inside on how it works for the teams, players and agents. To me it’s worth a view.

Representing A MLB Salary Arbitration Eligible Player: A 2020-2021 Offseason Introduction – Rachel Luba

Rachel Luba is the first agent who is so openly showing their job as a players agent. Players were showing more and more and now an agent has followed. And I love it as a baseball fan watching more of the process behind doors we never see. Keep doing it Mrs. Luba!

Photo via Rachel Luba

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2 thoughts on “Opinion: Rachel Luba is changing baseball

  1. Nice call on Luba and thanks for actually functioning as part of the community and not just throwing click bait out there.

    I gotta think Ms. Luba is dying to get Bauer to NY. LA is good too but they., she and Bauer would kill it in NYC. Both of them are about the business and I like whst they are doing.


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